Thursday, October 31, 2002

Well, the website is done! Or at least done except for a few minor details, and pages i'd like to add.
Maybe now I'll have more time to blog on a regular basis.
Things of note today:
Happy Halloween!
Make's me miss my day's as a Ghost investigator. about 2 weeks ago I went to a magazine promotion for "weird NJ" and saw two friends I used to go with to the ghost investigations. It was good to see them again. But I still don't miss not being a part of all the "drama and politics" that went on within that group.
Speaking of ghosts, I might have had an encounter yesterday... I was standing in the middle of the room at work, and as I was waiting for the boss to get off the phone, I felt a strong breeze go past my head/shoulders/hair. I immediately looked around to see what might of caused the breeze... nothing. The heater vents were far away, and on the floor, and would not have produced a gust like that. and no-one came in the back door either. It was very strange.
Cyen out
In my CD: Classical Requiem music
Reading: Umberto Eco's "In the Name of the Rose"