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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chicken Police?

Why is this so funny?

more Net Neutrality

Well, I was just surprised to see someone left a comment on my humble blog. It always surprises me ;)
He (or she) said:
Cyen, the "Save the Internet" site seems "fishy" because it is just that. In trying to promote their agenda, the folks over at STI have conveniently over-simplified many aspects of the net neutrality debate and totally omitted other aspects that proved particularly troublesome to their position. For a more comprehensive understanding of the issues surrounding net neutrality, I'd encourage you to visit my coalition's website at

Well, I took a gander to see what had say...
First impressions: The site looks to be corporate run under a guise of a blog.
Well, looky here... another blogger who thinks the same, and found the link to prove it. Funny, how ATT is one of their members isn't it? Here's another blogger who found some info on them too.
Oh and look what else just turned up on some digging I did... I googled the 800 telephone number (that's how I found the above bloggers) and on page 3 of the google search I see a title called "Arlington comcast". I clicked on the link, and with some confusion, there was no reference to the phone number. Hmm, could google be wrong? So I clicked on the cached page (which means it's the website google searched at the time it generated the hit), and sure enough... The P.O. Box and phone number is listed as Arlington Comcast.
So is run by Comcast - AND they are sneaky enough to try and hide it.
A bit more confusing, but a bit more evidence... I did a whois lookup on The technical contact is "The Mercury Group" So back to google...It looks to be a lobbyist or maybe just a PR firm website, with clients like the NRA and the "Cellular telecommunications Industry".
Found their website

So thank you "handsoff" for leaving a comment on my blog, but if anything, your website has reinforced my support for Net Neutrality. If the Corporations are going to stoop to playing games like putting up websites that look to be a grass roots blog, then that tells me something right there. I don't like being manipulated. By handsoff or SaveTheInternet.
I hope some of my digging here will help others find information about If you are a blogger and find other "dirt" about either group, please feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Net Neutrality

I may have posted about this before, but I just found this website that dumbs it down so even I can understand the issues at hand. I have a small problem with the amount they dumbed it down, which makes it seem fishy, but I still think this is something that everyone who uses the internet should be aware of. I'll give you my explanation (as I understand it)... You use the internet to send emails, read blogs like this (thanks), entertainment, news, etc... Well, you pay a company for the right to have access to the internet (probably Verizon or Comcast or ATT). These companies are called "Internet Service Providers" or ISP's for short. Well, as if Verizon, Comcast and ATT are not making enough profit, they've figured out a way to make more of a profit, I can't say I blame them because that's their job. But for you and I it stinks, because we have to keep paying. So how will they do it? They came up with this idea that Corporations have more important things to say than say my email to my sister. So, they want to put a "choke" on us peon's - so that the Corps can have more bandwidth to send their important data. So really it's going to come down to whoever has the big bucks to pay for high speed internet access will get the high speed internet access. - one of the more subtle points of this, is that this is a way of the big ISP companies controlling what gets sent across their pipes. So if Verizon doesn't like that my sister uses comcast, they could in theory "choke" her emails to me and vice versa. And as the video points out, this is what happened to our "PUBLIC" radio and TV airwaves. So... without further a due. (how do you spell a due? It's gotta be french).
Save the Internet.

rats, I use a small web page to generate my tecnorati tags and that appears to be down at the moment.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm back

Well, Things seem to be settling down to a dull roar now. I've had a few bits of good news now that have balanced things out.
One thing that really seemed to help was my recent watercolor class. I'm still struggling with it but I've learned that if I'm struggling, that means I'm learning. I've had a few small paintings turn out that I'm happy with (and a few I'm not). But it was so nice to go to class for about 2+ hours and become totally lost, and clearing my head. It was also my first experience with a live nude model. It was interesting. I was a bit surprised afterwards how impersonal it is, and it seems weird. I'm sure this is intentional on both the artists and the model's part, I suppose it's easier to sit naked in front or people when you know you'll probably never see them again, or worry about bumping into them at the grocery store. Then again, if you're willing to sit naked in front of someone chances are you're not worried at all about what they think. It was also a good experience because the model was a very pretty female, so that helped :) I learned I need to concentrate on my proportions more. While in class, I was painting her sitting in a chair, then when I got home and looked at my painting again, I was shocked at how badly I rendered her proportions of her head to her arms and torso. It was more of a shock that I didn't realize it as I was doing it, and I don't know why. So, I'll have to watch that. I also am struggling with "seeing" a background behind my images. And of course, I'm still in a constant struggle to make my paintings darker (but I'm getting better).
Well, another sign that the world is coming back into harmony... My sister and Bro-in-law just switch from Micro$oft to Apple! I've yet to talk to her to find out their reason, but I'm glad they chose apple. I hope it will be a good experience for them.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

week off

so if I post that I'm going to take the rest of this week off does that mean I have not taken the week off? Either way, been in a bit of a funk these past two days so I'm going to not post and try to clear my head. It just seems as though the universe has ganged up on me and taken a karma poo in my world.

out to lunch - be back soon

Monday, February 19, 2007

Solar Rocks

No, this post isn't about rocks that generate solar power. (but that's a cool idea isn't it?)
I just read this optimistic article about Solar Energy. Very Cool.
found via

On another reddit find today...
This kid who lives in his pick-up truck. I don't know why, but I find stories like this inspiring.

nice short post. Your welcome :)

Breach, jeans, books

I always have such a difficult time coming up with a title for my blog post. If I only blogged about one item per post I suppose that'd make it easier but I like to throw 2-3 thoughts in at a time. Oh well.
Finally made it back to the theater this weekend (I don't know how long it's been probably only 2 weeks but it felt much longer for some reason). My friend and I went to see "Breach". I pretty much liked it. It started to drag just a little towards the end, but then it snapped back just in time and held my interest for the rest of the movie. The movie was about the "greatest" breach of security in US history. (I put the quotes because that's not really such a great thing). AND it's a true story (well based upon true events). What made the movie riveting was the acting of Chris Cooper, and I have to say, Ryan Phillipe held up his side of the screen just as well. I liked the movie because it was a story, and had a few characters and dialog. I would have liked to have seen more into the personality of the lead character Robert Hanssen. We were pretty much shown his character at the office a once or twice in a social setting. Although they spent most of the movie developing his character, I think it should have been a little broader in focus. But all that said, it was a good spy movie. As I was leaving the theater though, I had a thought about "that world" versus "my world". To think there are people out there doing that for a living, and how much their actions or inactions effect my world is all hidden from me. For example, the actions of this man Robert Hanssen jeopardized so many American Intelligence officers, and even cost some their lives, yet here I am walking out of a movie about it all. I wonder how much of the Governments are run behind closed doors. I don't know if I really want to know what goes on behind those doors. Something tells me I don't.

I've been playing a good PS2 video game too. Midnight Run 3- Dub edition. It's a racing game, and I have to say it's pretty fun. It's nice to have a game where you can get lost for a couple hours at a time. (yes, I said hours). One of the things that makes the game interesting is it's open-end in that you the player controls what races to race, what vehicles to buy, etc...

I have to get two items out there in a small rant...
Yesterday I went to the mall to visit JCPenny's. I needed to get some new jeans and knew that JCPenny's had them last time so I'd go back. You need to have a college degree now to buy a pair of jeans. I wanted to get levis (I used to get Lee, but since found that I like the levis better). So just on that one brand of jeans there are different "model numbers" - 505, 550, 555, etc... Then, to complicate it even more, then there are various "cuts" - Relaxed, straight, boot, regular, etc... Then of course are the sizes. I must have spent a good hour looking through this store trying to find my size, in the right cut. NONE of the jeans were organized based on a pattern that I could recognize. I finally got fed up, and bought the wrong size (2" longer inseam) because I just wanted to get outta there. I figure I can sew them up if I need to. I asked the sales girl if I could make a suggestion that they have someone organize the jeans. She smiled politely, and said, "we do. Every Monday", and by sunday they are a mess again. I don't think I believe her. Not only was the overall store a mess, but these jeans were so unorganized that no one would accidentally place a 32-34 in with the 38-30's. It was as if someone deliberately went in a unorganized the jeans.
Ok, moving on.
My mom recently joined one of these book clubs called "North Light". They deal specifically with art related books. I've often wanted to join, but I know this would be the ruin of me. Books are like crack cocaine to me, and this would be like me starting a subscription with my local corner dealer. So I've borrowed some of my mom's selections. Well, this recent catalog had some really good choices for watercolor books. So I was going to order 3 thru her account. Just before she finished filling out the order form, I said "I wonder what amazon prices are like". So we picked my three, and 2-3 of here selections and did a price comparsion. Amazon was consistently about $3 cheaper than North Light. So, needless to say, I canceled my order, and my mom will probably be canceling her North Light membership. Shame on you North Light.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Wired Rocks

I just have to send out kudo's to Wired Magazine today. I've been a long time subscriber... I think I started around issue 4. It's had it's ups and downs, periods where I disliked it because it seemed to be purely corporate run (still has shades of that), but every now and then they nail it. I am into this month's magazine and reading the article(s) about what we don't know (put together by John Hodgman) You can read the articles here online. It's mind numbing/expanding stuff.
Then today I sign on to check wired news and see this article - this is amazing! I hope some information is gathered that will push these machines to becoming open source.
So, thank you wired for all the thinking you've made me do and putting it in an entertaining format.
PS> I like the new design and layout.
PS2> Yes, I still have a tinge of spite for wired though, for stealing so much from Mondo 2000.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

random thoughts

I had hoped to get these thoughts more in order before posting, but what the heck, I'm not being graded on this...
So in the few media sources that I listen to and watch, I've been hearing this book mentioned and hearing the author interviewed. The book is called: Fighting for air - the battle to control america's media, by Eric Klinenberg. I have this book saved in my amazon wishlist because I have a PILE of books on my nightstand waiting to be read. The story sounds interesting to me (and scary)... in that it talks about how the FCC has deregulated OUR public airwaves that lets companies/corporations own more than one radio station. Sounds like it's not that bad right? Who is the government to restrict or put limits on what a corporation can do right? Well, this shows you that maybe there are some things that the gov needs to do to protect it's people. So in a nutshell, one (or a few) corporations have swooped in and bought up radio stations around the country. I find this interesting because of late (before hearing about this book) I've realized (and made comments to my friend) that radio STINKS! It's rare to hear a song on the radio anymore. I have a roughly 13-15 minute ride to work everyday, and there have been times when I got in my truck, and drove to work and the entire time heard nothing but commercials. Then on the occasions that you do hear a song, it's the same musicians over and over. There are THOUSANDS of bands out there! Why am I always hearing the same one's?
This is going to be a segway into my next thought... So in the hopes of finding a new radio station, I wondered... "What's on AM now-a-days?" The only reason I'll ever turn to AM is to catch local traffic every 10 minutes. So, I switched over and started to hit the "scan" button. I was amazed... it went from spanish music, to news, to Christian radio, to news, to spanish music. What happened to AM radio? IF the airwaves are public, why can't I hear a local indy radio station? (I know of one college radio station but it gets lousy reception). So during this channel search I found a Conservative talk radio station... oh boy, has this opened my eyes...
So in the morning now, I'm listening to Laura Ingrahams. I recognized the name because she's been a guest on Bill O'reilly's show (and I think substituted for him on a few occasions). She's basically a BOR cheerleader brought in to agree with Bill's thoughts. Well, it has been interesting listening to her broadcast. She's now doing her show from Israel. She's flaunting her "Christianity" while putting down others who don't agree with her. I actually had a vision this morning of Jesus walking in and tipping over the tables in the temple... I thought, wouldn't it be great if He came in and took over her radio broadcast and said "Stop it! Stop spreading hate and fear in my name!"
Then tonight, I came home and Michael Medved was on. I didn't get to hear much of his show, but I did catch the main drift... one of his show employees is getting married. And get this... the guy didn't want to tell Michael where they were going to go on their honeymoon, because he was afraid Michael would get upset... They're going to San Francisco - oh the horror! Then they went on to joke about how this was the heart of "liberal land".
I'm going to try and listen to this station for a while longer because it's like my own little social experiment. Just in case they are putting "brain altering theta waves" in their broadcast or "Blipverts" (remember those? You're a geek if you do ;) - so if you check back in a few days and I'm talking about how all of us "Christians" are being attacked and how we have it SO bad, then quickly send me tickets to San Francisco to break the hold they have on my brain.
Sorry this post is so long, but just two more thoughts...
Stephen Colbert had a GREAT program on Global warming (try to watch it on And I just saw a great interview on the Daily show with this guy who wrote this book called "A long way gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah - sounds like a good book and yes, I added it to my amazon wishlist already.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

going to war with Iran?

I'm really starting to think it is going to happen. At first I was beginning to think - no way, with all of the hype now about people thinking the war with Iraq is in the dumpster, there is no way that the Bush administration could talk the American people into supporting another war with another country... But this headline caught my eye over on Reddit:
Bush has tipped his hand. He is going to attack Iran. And the editors of The New York Times have tipped their hand too. They are on board.

And the headline links to this article on the, that basically points out that this one reporter is just regurgitating the Administrations press releases. I have been paying close attention to the press lately, and I am seeing the beating of drums. The new reports that show pieces of metal used in bombs are coming from Iran are the latest go around (which Iran has denied). So, don't go after the people making/detonating the bombs, go after a country where the parts "may" have originated.
I don't like where this is headed, and I am glad to see posts like this are being read in the blog-o-sphere.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Quantum computing?

wow, this one totally slipped by my geek radar...
The website "Engadget" has an article about a company called D-Wave, that has made a claim that on this coming Tues they will debut the world's first Quantum Computer. This is big news to me because I thought that Quantum computers were something that would be developed in the next 30-100 years! To be honest, I don't fully understand the technology behind it other than to say [in theory] these computers would be SO FAST as to be able to calculate the number of atoms in the universe. If any of you are interested you can try to make your way through this wikipedia article about Quantum Computing. I did a quick glance and was also lost quickly. (the terminology is funny though; qubits, hilberts, decohere, superposition, time evolution, quantum logic gates, eigenvalues, etc...)
So all this to say, the world of computing may make history this Tuesday! I remain skeptical. But if its true, it could change the world as we know it.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Best popcorn ever...

So a little while ago, I stumbled upon this post on a website called I have been a user of this site for quite some time now, I believe I discovered the site via Basically, it's a DIY community where people post projects in a step by step method. The topics are all over the place, but most have a techy background. Well, this post caught my eye as I'm a big fan of popcorn. It gives microwave instructions on popping your own popcorn, without paying for those expensive pre-packaged bags (usually with lots of extra chemicals and fake butter). I used to use Smart Balance (no trans fats), but now after one bag using this method from Hoopajoo, I'm a convert. It may have been the best batch of popcorn I've ever had. It was light and airy, sweet taste of corn, and didn't have that nasty aftertaste from most of the usual pre-packaged stuff. The only modification to the original instructions was that I added some melted butter at the end - AND knowing that this bag of popcorn cost me about 14 cents made it taste even better. (I also used the "reverse" staple technique and did not have one spark. The reason most metal sparks is because of tiny gaps, so by using the reverse staple doo-hicky there was no sparks.)
Ya gotta try this one!

While I'm talking about food... I am trying to work up the nerve to try something new... It's in the latest issue of Craft Magazine (the sister zine of MakeZine), and was just featured on the Make blog today... It sounds nasty! But the way people talk about it, its sounds like it's supposed to be good! What am I talking about? Kombucha. If anyone finds this post, please post in the comments if you've ever had this Kombucha before and if you liked it.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

still here

wow, has it been almost a week since I last posted? This week has kinda slinked away from me. I've had a few things I've been wanting to post but never can find the time. So this is more of a post to say, I'm still here. I'll throw these thoughts out there now...
I recently saw a really good show on PBS on a National Geographic photographer. The photographers name is Joel Sartore and the show was called "At Close Range with National Geographic". What I really liked about the show was that it not only got into the artistic end of his photography, but it also was a look into his personal life. It made the person seem real, and not just some famous photographer. I really liked the segments where he was shooting at the local rodeo in Nebraska (I'm pretty sure it was in Nebraska). One of the things that this taught me... get outside and go someplace where there are people to take photos of. I have a mental block with doing that. 1) I'm more of an amature photographer, and I have a fear that I'll be confronted with 'why are you taking photos of (me, this area, my child, this train station, etc...)' - In today's climate of terrorism fear, child predator fears, and fears of LED devices that lead to an entire city of Boston being shut down, I don't want to stir up any problems. But I think I'll just have to put that aside, maybe print up a business card for myself, and just tell people "I'm a photographer" and leave it at that. Wow, how did I get lost on that tangent... anyway, I was really impressed with this program, and I hope PBS continues to put out these shows about artists.

I've had some additional interesting emails with my friend about Global Warming. I've had some fun digging around the internet to uncover some mistaken "propaganda" that he's been sending me. I hope to do an entire post on this later so this is more of a reminder to myself.

I just started my new Watercolor class last night. It's a watercolor 2 class that deals with painting the human figure. I've had drawing classes before where I've drawn from a model, but its been a while. I felt like I was picking up the brush for the first time ever last night. But, I had fun, I learned a little (if nothing more than what not to do) and how there really is a big difference in having quality paper. I think I'm going to like my new teacher too, she seems down to earth, and strong - two qualities I admire. I think she said she's going to bring her work in next week so I'm anxious to see what here style is. About half way through the second pose I was really missing a bowl of lemons from my first watercolor classes :) I will also have to deal with doing some "life paintings" too - aka - naked as a jaybird people sitting in front of me. I'm sure I'll be fine, it's just something I've never done before. One thing that I also liked about last night's class, was the people in the class. It seems like there are some real characters. One woman had a very thick Russian accent who came into the class about 45 minutes early (I was almost an hour early!) and immediately started re-arranging all the spot lights and trying to "art direct" my lighting. At first I thought she was the teacher! Then I realized she was just a crazy artist. So I pretty much ignored her and let her move whatever lights she wanted to. There was the "typical" artist too, an older gentleman with pure white hair tied back in a small ponytail. (I saw one of his paintings from a distance and it looked like a good one.) One guy had his cell phone go off (which people are supposed to TURN OFF before class), so he fumbled for it and turned off the ringer. a few seconds later the vibration part went off, so he scrambled for that and shut that off. Then a few minutes later, his beeper went off! I joked (in my head) what is this guy a doctor or something? Then later I found out, yes, he is a doctor. I think he's a plastic surgeon. The model was funny too... he was so "prim and proper" that it was almost comical. It's an art room that's hundreds of years old... needless to say, almost everything has paint spots and spills on it. At one point the teacher put a chair up on the pedastal for him to sit on, and he had to check multiple times that the paint was dry, and that it wouldn't smear on his clothing. He had his little thermos of coffee, little slippers. Then at one point he was talking with the teacher and said that he was also a "standard patient"... he's one of those "actors" who goes to a hospital and then they assign him certain symptoms to act like he has a disease. Then the student doctors have to diagnose him. I laughed (in my head) because I thought of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Micky were fighting over who had the "best disease" and they both wanted to be an alcoholic.

Well, this post turned out MUCH longer than I imagined.

Friday, February 02, 2007

news hounds

I just had to pass these two blog posts onto the rest of you... I don't remember how I found this website called but I have it in my Bloglines subscription. In a nutshell, it's a similar site to, in that they watch some of the more conservative "news" sources with a critical eye, and when they make a mistake, mis-report an item, or simply say something pretty stupid, then these websites pick it up and post it. At times it can seem juvenile I'll admit, but it's also a good way for someone like me who is interested in what "the other side" is saying without having to watch their shows every night. So this morning I read the two posts below and thought they needed to be spread. (Oh, and there is something on their site about Jim having a lung transplant. I don't know who Jim is, but I wish him well and a speedy recovery!
Al Gore gets no respect on FOX
By Chrish on Big Story w/John Gibson

John Gibson couldn't bring himself to be respectful, never mind congratulatory, to the former Vice-president and majority presidential vote-getter as he announced that Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. No, he had to be juvenile and grudging in his reporting of this national story.

"It appears global warming is good for somebody. It's given Gore's career a much-needed boost. First his documentary on climate change, "An Inconvenient Truth", was nominated for an Oscar, and now the former vice-president's head may swell to match the rest of his growing body because he's been nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Gore was nominated this morning by a Norwegian lawmaker who said Gore has done more than anyone else to draw attention to the dangers of global warming.

If he's going to borrow Michael Moore's triple-X tuxedo for the Oscars, he might as well keep it a bit longer. He may need it in Sweden to pick up his Nobel."

What an ungracious, unprofessional, biased, hateful piece of garbage. And the segment sucked too.

and number two

Laura Ingraham Confronts O'Reilly About Sexist Agenda On FOX
By Deborah on O'Reilly Factor

Laura Ingraham made Bill O'Reilly squirm with embarrassment when she confronted him tonight about all the sex laden videos on The O'Reilly Factor.. She asked him if there was a " rampant mid-life crisis" going on with the male anchors on FOX. " What's the purpose?, she asked. "We don't care about coffee shop babes".

Ingrahams comment about " coffee shop babes" refers to the segment about a drive through coffee shop with hooter type cashiers that FOX has run all week with videos shot from all the right angles.

Then she wanted to know why O'Reilly did a segment on naked parties at Brown? " Do you think that's a cultural phenomena?" She asked him why we needed to see the naked bodies at the party or why a bikini clad babe was needed for a plastic surgery segment? For once. O'Reilly was speechless.

Cavuto got the next well deserved scolding.for his " Girls Gone Wild" segments. O'Reilly joked, "He's demented" But Ingraham wasn't kidding and since nobody had ever called him on it before, he was stymied.

Ingraham's final comment was perfect, She asked BOR if he was a " T-Warror" and of course he eagerly agreed. " Then act like it!", she barked. Bill O' Reilly was busted tonight and I applaud Laura Ingraham.

And just a little side note on my part...
Have you ever noticed on these News Stations (especially FOX) that when the talking head wants to interview someone to explain the issue further, they interview... another news person! Why are they not going to the source of the story? Like Bill O'reilly having Laura Ingraham on who is another talk radio Fox affiliate.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shame on Amazon

So I've been very conscious lately of lessening my "green footprint" lately. Turning off lights when I don't really need them, recycling, etc... Well, I just ordered a new mouse via the other day. (I also ordered a Wacom Graphire tablet). So this morning I arrive at work, and there are TWO LARGE boxes waiting for me. After the initial excitement of seeing the little happy face icon from Amazon, it struck me... WHY is that HUGE box (16x21x10) there when all I ordered was a 3x4" mouse? Well, I got home tonight and unpacked it all. What a real shame that someone in the packing department WASTED all this packaging on this small object. The BIG ball of paper you see is one long continuous strip of paper... I didn't unroll it all but it had to be at least 20 feet long. So this is a Colbert Report styled blog post with a "WAG of my finger" at
(Oh, and so far - the mouse is GREAT! at a simple $19 - and the Graphire tablet is great too! A must have for photoshop work.)

Thur Words

First off... My condolences to the friends and family of Molly Ivins. I just heard this morning that she passed due to her battle with cancer. I never read any of her books, but I saw her interviewed a few times and I saw her appearance on Cspan in the famous battle with Bill O'reilly and Al Franken. She was terrific. She seemed like a person that I would of liked had I met her. A "Straight shooter" who told you what was on her mind.

Ok, This story is all over the websites that I frequent and chances are by the time you read this you'll have heard about it on the news. I'm talking about the recent shut down of an entire city due to some art. This story is just mind-blowing in how far beyond common sense this series of events has escalated. I am not condoning what these people did in the sense of planting "hoax" like devices that look like bombs. That would be wrong. BUT I do not see that what these two guys did as being worthy of all the hoopla. In case you haven't heard. They created an image using a bunch of LED's hooked up to a battery. Then they put these lights in places around the city (multiple cities, but Boston was the only one that over-reacted). All of this was an attempt to promote a cartoon. Well, turns out, after these things had been up for about 2 weeks, someone finally took notice and thought they looked suspicious. I can understand that part. But the series of events that followed are crazy. The authorities thought these things were bombs. Ok, I can even understand wanting to Err on the side of caution on, and calling someone to inspect them (like a police officer). But no. They called out every three letter government service to inspect these devices. And here's the kicker, there wasn't just one of these, there were several around the city... Once they realized the first one was a harmless art project, they went on to assume that the other pieces (that looked exactly the same) were also bombs. Unbelievable. I heard one report that the bomb squad was even blowing these things up to destroy them. AND now the two guys who put these things up, are being charged with felonies. Does anyone have any common sense anymore? You want to charge them with illegal advertising? Fine. But a felony for committing a hoax?
I'm also a bit concerned over this story, because it may effect me somehow... The story is being connected to my favorite website because at one point on their blog, they showed people how to make these LED signs. (A single LED/battery/magnet is called a "throwie" - and is a form of digital graffiti.) I hope there is no negative fallout to the maker community.
Well, I HOPE that common sense will prevail in our justice system and that these charges will be dropped. I am also predicting that this is going to cause a BIG backlash in the underground art scene, I hope that no one takes this too far.
You can read more about it over on boingboing here.