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I just had to pass these two blog posts onto the rest of you... I don't remember how I found this website called but I have it in my Bloglines subscription. In a nutshell, it's a similar site to, in that they watch some of the more conservative "news" sources with a critical eye, and when they make a mistake, mis-report an item, or simply say something pretty stupid, then these websites pick it up and post it. At times it can seem juvenile I'll admit, but it's also a good way for someone like me who is interested in what "the other side" is saying without having to watch their shows every night. So this morning I read the two posts below and thought they needed to be spread. (Oh, and there is something on their site about Jim having a lung transplant. I don't know who Jim is, but I wish him well and a speedy recovery!
Al Gore gets no respect on FOX
By Chrish on Big Story w/John Gibson

John Gibson couldn't bring himself to be respectful, never mind congratulatory, to the former Vice-president and majority presidential vote-getter as he announced that Al Gore has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. No, he had to be juvenile and grudging in his reporting of this national story.

"It appears global warming is good for somebody. It's given Gore's career a much-needed boost. First his documentary on climate change, "An Inconvenient Truth", was nominated for an Oscar, and now the former vice-president's head may swell to match the rest of his growing body because he's been nominated for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Gore was nominated this morning by a Norwegian lawmaker who said Gore has done more than anyone else to draw attention to the dangers of global warming.

If he's going to borrow Michael Moore's triple-X tuxedo for the Oscars, he might as well keep it a bit longer. He may need it in Sweden to pick up his Nobel."

What an ungracious, unprofessional, biased, hateful piece of garbage. And the segment sucked too.

and number two

Laura Ingraham Confronts O'Reilly About Sexist Agenda On FOX
By Deborah on O'Reilly Factor

Laura Ingraham made Bill O'Reilly squirm with embarrassment when she confronted him tonight about all the sex laden videos on The O'Reilly Factor.. She asked him if there was a " rampant mid-life crisis" going on with the male anchors on FOX. " What's the purpose?, she asked. "We don't care about coffee shop babes".

Ingrahams comment about " coffee shop babes" refers to the segment about a drive through coffee shop with hooter type cashiers that FOX has run all week with videos shot from all the right angles.

Then she wanted to know why O'Reilly did a segment on naked parties at Brown? " Do you think that's a cultural phenomena?" She asked him why we needed to see the naked bodies at the party or why a bikini clad babe was needed for a plastic surgery segment? For once. O'Reilly was speechless.

Cavuto got the next well deserved scolding.for his " Girls Gone Wild" segments. O'Reilly joked, "He's demented" But Ingraham wasn't kidding and since nobody had ever called him on it before, he was stymied.

Ingraham's final comment was perfect, She asked BOR if he was a " T-Warror" and of course he eagerly agreed. " Then act like it!", she barked. Bill O' Reilly was busted tonight and I applaud Laura Ingraham.

And just a little side note on my part...
Have you ever noticed on these News Stations (especially FOX) that when the talking head wants to interview someone to explain the issue further, they interview... another news person! Why are they not going to the source of the story? Like Bill O'reilly having Laura Ingraham on who is another talk radio Fox affiliate.

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