Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shame on Amazon

So I've been very conscious lately of lessening my "green footprint" lately. Turning off lights when I don't really need them, recycling, etc... Well, I just ordered a new mouse via the other day. (I also ordered a Wacom Graphire tablet). So this morning I arrive at work, and there are TWO LARGE boxes waiting for me. After the initial excitement of seeing the little happy face icon from Amazon, it struck me... WHY is that HUGE box (16x21x10) there when all I ordered was a 3x4" mouse? Well, I got home tonight and unpacked it all. What a real shame that someone in the packing department WASTED all this packaging on this small object. The BIG ball of paper you see is one long continuous strip of paper... I didn't unroll it all but it had to be at least 20 feet long. So this is a Colbert Report styled blog post with a "WAG of my finger" at
(Oh, and so far - the mouse is GREAT! at a simple $19 - and the Graphire tablet is great too! A must have for photoshop work.)

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