Wednesday, February 14, 2007

random thoughts

I had hoped to get these thoughts more in order before posting, but what the heck, I'm not being graded on this...
So in the few media sources that I listen to and watch, I've been hearing this book mentioned and hearing the author interviewed. The book is called: Fighting for air - the battle to control america's media, by Eric Klinenberg. I have this book saved in my amazon wishlist because I have a PILE of books on my nightstand waiting to be read. The story sounds interesting to me (and scary)... in that it talks about how the FCC has deregulated OUR public airwaves that lets companies/corporations own more than one radio station. Sounds like it's not that bad right? Who is the government to restrict or put limits on what a corporation can do right? Well, this shows you that maybe there are some things that the gov needs to do to protect it's people. So in a nutshell, one (or a few) corporations have swooped in and bought up radio stations around the country. I find this interesting because of late (before hearing about this book) I've realized (and made comments to my friend) that radio STINKS! It's rare to hear a song on the radio anymore. I have a roughly 13-15 minute ride to work everyday, and there have been times when I got in my truck, and drove to work and the entire time heard nothing but commercials. Then on the occasions that you do hear a song, it's the same musicians over and over. There are THOUSANDS of bands out there! Why am I always hearing the same one's?
This is going to be a segway into my next thought... So in the hopes of finding a new radio station, I wondered... "What's on AM now-a-days?" The only reason I'll ever turn to AM is to catch local traffic every 10 minutes. So, I switched over and started to hit the "scan" button. I was amazed... it went from spanish music, to news, to Christian radio, to news, to spanish music. What happened to AM radio? IF the airwaves are public, why can't I hear a local indy radio station? (I know of one college radio station but it gets lousy reception). So during this channel search I found a Conservative talk radio station... oh boy, has this opened my eyes...
So in the morning now, I'm listening to Laura Ingrahams. I recognized the name because she's been a guest on Bill O'reilly's show (and I think substituted for him on a few occasions). She's basically a BOR cheerleader brought in to agree with Bill's thoughts. Well, it has been interesting listening to her broadcast. She's now doing her show from Israel. She's flaunting her "Christianity" while putting down others who don't agree with her. I actually had a vision this morning of Jesus walking in and tipping over the tables in the temple... I thought, wouldn't it be great if He came in and took over her radio broadcast and said "Stop it! Stop spreading hate and fear in my name!"
Then tonight, I came home and Michael Medved was on. I didn't get to hear much of his show, but I did catch the main drift... one of his show employees is getting married. And get this... the guy didn't want to tell Michael where they were going to go on their honeymoon, because he was afraid Michael would get upset... They're going to San Francisco - oh the horror! Then they went on to joke about how this was the heart of "liberal land".
I'm going to try and listen to this station for a while longer because it's like my own little social experiment. Just in case they are putting "brain altering theta waves" in their broadcast or "Blipverts" (remember those? You're a geek if you do ;) - so if you check back in a few days and I'm talking about how all of us "Christians" are being attacked and how we have it SO bad, then quickly send me tickets to San Francisco to break the hold they have on my brain.
Sorry this post is so long, but just two more thoughts...
Stephen Colbert had a GREAT program on Global warming (try to watch it on And I just saw a great interview on the Daily show with this guy who wrote this book called "A long way gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier" by Ishmael Beah - sounds like a good book and yes, I added it to my amazon wishlist already.

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