Friday, February 09, 2007

Best popcorn ever...

So a little while ago, I stumbled upon this post on a website called I have been a user of this site for quite some time now, I believe I discovered the site via Basically, it's a DIY community where people post projects in a step by step method. The topics are all over the place, but most have a techy background. Well, this post caught my eye as I'm a big fan of popcorn. It gives microwave instructions on popping your own popcorn, without paying for those expensive pre-packaged bags (usually with lots of extra chemicals and fake butter). I used to use Smart Balance (no trans fats), but now after one bag using this method from Hoopajoo, I'm a convert. It may have been the best batch of popcorn I've ever had. It was light and airy, sweet taste of corn, and didn't have that nasty aftertaste from most of the usual pre-packaged stuff. The only modification to the original instructions was that I added some melted butter at the end - AND knowing that this bag of popcorn cost me about 14 cents made it taste even better. (I also used the "reverse" staple technique and did not have one spark. The reason most metal sparks is because of tiny gaps, so by using the reverse staple doo-hicky there was no sparks.)
Ya gotta try this one!

While I'm talking about food... I am trying to work up the nerve to try something new... It's in the latest issue of Craft Magazine (the sister zine of MakeZine), and was just featured on the Make blog today... It sounds nasty! But the way people talk about it, its sounds like it's supposed to be good! What am I talking about? Kombucha. If anyone finds this post, please post in the comments if you've ever had this Kombucha before and if you liked it.

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