Friday, February 16, 2007

Wired Rocks

I just have to send out kudo's to Wired Magazine today. I've been a long time subscriber... I think I started around issue 4. It's had it's ups and downs, periods where I disliked it because it seemed to be purely corporate run (still has shades of that), but every now and then they nail it. I am into this month's magazine and reading the article(s) about what we don't know (put together by John Hodgman) You can read the articles here online. It's mind numbing/expanding stuff.
Then today I sign on to check wired news and see this article - this is amazing! I hope some information is gathered that will push these machines to becoming open source.
So, thank you wired for all the thinking you've made me do and putting it in an entertaining format.
PS> I like the new design and layout.
PS2> Yes, I still have a tinge of spite for wired though, for stealing so much from Mondo 2000.

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Evan said...

Thanks for the post, drop me a line (evan at wired dot com) and I'll get you a free subscription to the magazine for a year. Cheers!

-- Evan Hansen, Editor in Chief, Wired News