Sunday, April 29, 2007

Art Buggy Derby 2.0

Well, I just got back home a couple hours ago from the 2nd "annual?" Art Buggy Derby. We had it over in a public park in Philly called "Washington Square". It was initially supposed to be a race around the fountain in the center of the park, but once the buggies started gathering it caught the eye of the local authorities, who said they didn't want us interfereing with the traffic (I assume they meant foot traffic) so they moved us over to a grassy patch on the edge of the park. All in all it was a blast. A LOT more people turned out from the first derby - I think we had 15 buggies. It did cause for a much longer day, with all the races and heats. It seemed like the crowd was really into it too, though towards the end, I think everyone was running out of steam. I posted a small video clip to youtube just now. I shot this on my still camera in a video mode, so it's not the best quality, but you can at least get an idea. I also took a TON of photos so I'll be posting them on my flickr account soon. Special thanks to my buddy who I asked to be my runner (since I'm not in the best of physical shape after working behind a desk for 11 years). I designed and built the buggy, and he did all the racing (well too, since he won each time!) I think our buggy performed perfectly except for a little mishap on the last race, the lid of one of the boxes popped open and I lost a few of the ball-bearings, but the art was still completed, and I recovered all but two pinballs.
Oh, and I was really impressed with the other buggies too. Some were just way over the top!
Fun day!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

The next president?

Found this post just now via reddit. I don't know if I agree with everything he says, nor am I ready to make up my mind about who to vote for based on a youtube video, but I like the Senator's spunk and willingness to shake things up. I admired Ross Perot for the same logic.

Oh, and here's Senator Gravel's website for his run for 2008.

wierd science

Quick update on Steorn... They were supposed to have a press announcement back on April 13th, but it was just a 5 minute video clip talking about how they narrowed down 5000 "scientists" down to 22 to test their claims. Then the CEO Sean McCarthy went on to say that in July they hope to unveil a "product" to the general public for a hands on test. General public in that it won't be scientists, but I don't think that means they'll set up a kiosk and just let anyone come up to the table. I'm a bit surprised that they are doing this "open to the public" announcement before they announce the results from the scientists. I still remain skeptical but hopeful.

Speaking of "alternative energy" I had a new UFO update today about a pilot and many passengers who supposedly saw some bright lights in the sky. Not much detail, and of course no photos so not much to go on.

Lastly, I'm going to try to partake in the newest Photogamer challenge 11. I started last night, on the first photo that involves arrangement and food. I won't give anything away yet, but lets just say about a quarter of the way through starting I realized I must be crazy, but it was too late to turn back. I hope to post a photo soon of this one - stay tuned.

Have a Great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Food - Mike Colameco

I'm getting a little tired or rants so I'll take a break (for today anyway).
So, let's talk about food!
I am usually a late sleeper on the weekends. On an average about 10am is when I like to roll out of bed. So lucky for me that I've discovered a cooking show that I really like at 10:30 on Saturday mornings. It's called "Colameco's Food Show" and like the title, Mike Colameco is a simple down to earth kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, he knows his stuff, and can talk "chef talk" with the best of them. Mike's TV show usually starts with a visit to one or more restaurant (usually in the NY or Philadelphia area) then he'll come back to "his" kitchen (lately he's been using a studio kitchen) at which point he'll pick a food to cook that is similar to the restaurant's that he just visited but is not that difficult so an average Joe like me can understand it. The recipes he usually shows are simple and contain standard ingredients.
So the other day, after watching one of his shows, I wanted to go online and see if he had a recipe on his website. Well, turns out his website is sorely needing an update as his last recipes listed are from his 2005 shows. ugh. BUT... while searching google for his recipes, I found that Mike also has a daily radio show in NY - AND that it is available for a free podcast download. I think you can also listen to the shows on their website here (warning - WOR710 is a conservative radio station, but Mike doesn't talk politics). I've only listened to about 3 of his podcasts so far and I really like them. I listened to one recently that was all about steak. I learned a lot (I'll probably never eat steak like they were talking about - upwards of $50 a pound!) but he also suggested some "cheaper" cuts that are almost as good. Sometimes he has guests (like the steak show), or sometimes it's just calls from the listeners.
All this really just to say... if you enjoy food (I do) you should check out Mike's shows either on TV or on a free podcast.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

we the people...

I wasn't sure what to blog today, then I saw this post about Rush Limbaugh playing an offensive clip called "Barack the magic negro". I went to the website, but I didn't even bother to click on the audio clip to hear it. You know why? I don't care what Limbaugh has to say or how offensive he is. Then this thought led me to this thought... There was a large outcry at Imus' offensive rant about the basketball players, and many called for him to be fired. I'm all for that, if someone is that offensive that you feel they should be fired, by all means, raise as much fuss as you want. But then it hit me... We the people have the power to get rid of these offensive guys. Stop listening/watching their shows. I know, the problem lies in "what about those people then who continue to watch their show?" - that's where the real problem lies then isn't it. By calling for these guys to be fired for something they said or a bad joke gone too far over the line isn't really solving anything. Another "shock jock" will be waiting in the wings to take their place. What we have to start doing it calling attention to the listeners and the responsibility they have. My friend listens to Glenn Beck, and at times will "taunt" me with something Glenn said that goes against what I think. The other day (just before Earth day) my friend sent me a link about Glenn's anti-global warming live tour. After visiting his website I saw that he has promotion going on now where people are being encouraged to send Glenn all of their plastic shopping bags. At which time, Glenn will ship ALL of the accumulated bags to one of the political leaders in San Francisco who is trying to get petroleum based plastic bag's banned from use. Ok, I get it, it's a joke. But really this disgusts me and I don't think it funny. When I told my friend that, he then went on the "Defense" and said he agreed that this was one of Glenn's idea's that he was not in favor of, but then proceeded to defend Glenn's basis of why he was doing this "joke". It seems illogical to me to agree that something is lame, and then go on and defend it.
So, I'm putting this post out there to say to all you people who listen to Imus, Rush, Hannity, etc... On Air Personalities who have a history of saying mean or disparaging things... Stop listening to their shows. You have a responsibility too as a listener.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy earth day

Well today is earth day and I'm not sure what I'm going to do to help out. I think I might start with the portion of the earth that I'm using at the moment... my apartment. Cleaning is not on my list of high priorities. I'd like to be able to claim that I'm doing something a little more "nobel". I did buy a second Wegman's canvas shopping bag yesterday though, so that should count for something.

So last night my friend and I went to see a movie... Hot Fuzz. I won't go into details and try to critique this movie because in a nutshell it was stupid. But, that being said, I actually thought a lot of it was funny and found myself chuckling a lot. Yes, it was so stupid that I think it might have some how crossed the line back into funny. I won't recommend this for anyone, it will have to be a gamble each person is willing to take. I will say this about it... putting aside the stupidity, there was some interesting filming going on here, the way they turned mundane things (like opening a door) into a sort of action spoof by using sound effects and fast cuts was interesting. Towards the end of the movie when the "action" starts to get going with the gun fights, I found myself saying... how fun that must have been to film! Shaun of the dead was MUCH better, but I was entertained so it was worth my $9. This might be one of those movies that is actually better the second time you see it and maybe with a 2 beer minimum.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

web surf

Happy Saturday! It is finally a nice spring day here on the east coast. Still a bit of a chill in the air but at least the sun is shinning. I opened my window last night to get some fresh air... I didn't get much sleep because of it. I went to bed a little late around 1am, at about 1:45 I was awoken by the sounds of a "fierce" sounding car racing around my apartment complex. I have to admit, part of me was pissed that this thing woke me up, and the other part of me (the 17 year old part) was like "WOAH! listen to that engine!" - then this morning I was awoken at about 8am by those stupid birds! It's amazing how loud they sing. It wouldn't be so bad, you think, how could this guy by upset with the serenade of the birds singing on a spring day... In my apartment complex, there are TONS of cars, and about every third one has a car alarm. So one of the daily repertoire of the mocking bird(s) here are to simulate all of the car alarms. I think car alarms should be banned - they don't work.

ok, moving on... I wanted to post these two links that I found that go against the grain and make you think a little.
From the blog "" they have this at the top of the page... Make this Earth Day your last! - huh? But after I read it they have a real point. I have planted maybe 5 trees in the first few years of "celebrating" earthday. I wonder if those trees are still alive...

And this article is a little more controversial. I don't know if I agree with it purely on a gut reaction, but intellectually I have to agree with it... Lowering drinking age may lower troubles among teens. The headline on reddit was: 18 year olds can vote, go to war, get married, adopt children, sign legal documents, etc. So why can't they sit down and have a beer?

Lastly... I wasn't going to comment on this, but I have to just say that when I first heard this it made me sick to my stomach, to hear that a US Senator, who is currently making a play for the Pres, would have the stupidity to joke about bombing another country. YouTube "accidently" pulled the video but put it back up after a large outcry.

UPDATE: I don't usually update my posts but I had to on this one... Apparently, McCain is saying that I should "get a life" for criticizing him for his "joke".

Friday, April 20, 2007

self promotion

A little self promotion post here... I had a fun time on this past Sunday taking some macro photos for the latest photogamer challenge. If you have a digital camera and enjoy photography but never know what to go take a picture of, I encourage you to join up. It's a good bunch of creative people participating in the challenges. Also be sure to check out some of my other photos, I think I got some good ones to illustrate "small things".

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

two quick links

I just found these two links over on reddit... They caught my attention and were both good reads.

I can fix the water shortage in 5 minutes
- really interesting comments on the "price" of water. I don't know if I agree with it all, but it's food for thought - and he's right, I've not heard one other "green" source commenting on the prices.

This was just inspiring - Way to go Jacob. (It better NOT be a hoax either! or I'll retract my "way to go" :) I also would think it would be cool to see a bunch of shirts that read "I'm not Jacob" -

new music - lily allen

new day - new post.
- i've been at my computer now for about an hour, ordered a new hard drive for backup reasons, typed a few emails, and searched a few things on google, when it hit me... do we really need "capital letters"? i'm going to try and type this post using all lowercase...

the other day (maybe a week ago) I heard a voice on the radio that really sounded wonderful. it was a live interview with this woman who had a thick english accent - cockney i think they call it. she almost sounded like regina spektor (my last music purchase) but with a more sweeter sugary voice. so on sunday i went on a web quest to find out who she was and maybe purchase a song or two. her name is lilly allen. she has two songs now that i've heard recently on the radio that you may have heard of too: smile and everything is wonderful. (I think little things is getting airplay too). I ended up buying the whole album as it was on sale on itunes - 14 songs for $7.99 good deal. Well, I'm not sure if I like all of her songs but her voice and accent are great as are her lyrics. one comment though that bothers me. I ended up having a choice of buying the "explicit" version of the album vs the "clean" version. I thought "I'm a big guy, I can handle the language" so I got the "explicit". well, in hindsight I think I should have gotten the clean version. i just don't like the mind twist my brain does while listening to this sugary sweet woman's voice and then hearing explicit foul words. well, I'm going to continue to listen to her album, but we'll see how long she can stay in the player before regina boots her out.
Here's her website - but she has a weird audio problem on the site where music starts playing overtop of a video - with no way to pause or stop the video. grr.
in a somewhat related audio post... i found a new podcast the other day based on the new series called "this american life". It's now a show on showtime (which i've not seen) but it's based on a radio program. I just listened to the episode where they spent 24 hours doing interviews with the people in a chicago diner (how ever you spell diner or dinner). it's been great. I bet diner's get the most interesting "slice of life" people in them than any other restaurant or store.
check it out if you like "slice of life stories".

so... what'd ya think? is there a need for capital letters? I think there might be for aesthetic reasons only. I'll go back to using them now.

PS> I may do a follow up post about the recent court ruling that allows the music industry to now charge as much as 4 times the amount of license fees for internet "streamed" music. It may kill the online net radio stations like They insist on squeezing out every last cent in the license fees that I think will backfire and cause more piracy. I'm perfectly willing to pay for my music as long as it's easy, and affordable.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There is evil in the world

Yes, I'm using strong words for this post. I don't like to call people names. I like to look for the silver lining in things. I try to see the good in people. But today, I'm tired of looking and am going to throw these two items together. Maybe they don't deserve to be together. Maybe I'm just having a bad day. One thing I don't want this to sound like is that I'm using the tragedy of the VA tech murders just to make a point. Well, that's what I'm going to do. I've stopped watching the 24hour constant news "updates" on this story. I'm tired of hearing "expert opinion" that is nothing more than speculation and sensationalism to keep people tuned in. I don't need to know every possible detail of every possible witness in a 10 mile radius of the town. I'm tired of it.
I only bring it up here to to say that there is evil in the world. There are different forms of evil, some subtle some not. Sometimes it easy to look at a person, place, thing, and say "that's not right". Other times it's shades of gray. Sometimes it is difficult to see a balance of good and evil.
What is spurring this post is that I just finished watching the dvd called "Walmart: The high cost of low price". I know this will sound extreme but... Walmart as a corporation and perhaps even some of its leaders are or show signs of evil. I have only been to walmart maybe twice out of curiosity. I had heard of all the negative buzz and made a conscious decision to not shop there. After watching this movie, I will not shop there again. I won't go into all the details but simply encourage you to watch the dvd (It's worth joining netflix just for that reason).
Walmart... you have earned my "shame on you" wag of the finger.

Thoughts and prayers

Just sending out thoughts and prayers to the friends and family of those involved with the VA tech shooting.

Monday, April 16, 2007


So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good. Yesterday (Sunday) was a washout though. I ventured out around 1 to pick up my "rejected" painting from the art show. One thing I noticed about the paintings that did get accepted... they were all LARGE paintings of at least 16x20 or bigger. So, If I enter again, I'll have to keep that in mind. Moving on...
I watched two movies this weekend (one theater and one on dvd). On dvd I saw "Babel"... I had sort of wanted to see this while it was in the theater because it was getting good buzz. I'm glad now that I saved a few bucks by waiting for the dvd. It was a slow movie that didn't really have much of a point. It was three or four stories divided up into small bite-size segments. It actually became annoying to me the way they would cut from story to story. As the movie progressed, we learn that the 4 stories really have a thread that tied them all together. But without really a point being made. The two stars that I'm sure is what drew the people in to see this were Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchette who played husband and wife. But there was an awkward chemistry between them (perhaps part of the roll as I think they were supposed to be having marital problems). But really these parts could have been played by anyone. Brad or Cate didn't really add a whole lot to this movie. The stories were all depressing too... suicide, murder, a deaf girl having a hard time fitting in, etc. I guess I just simply didn't like the movie.

The other movie I saw was the complete opposite... Disturbia. First off, I like the actor Shia LaBeouf - though I have no idea how to pronounce his name. I first became aware of Shia in a movie called "The Battle of Shaker Heights" where he was fantastic. He's done a ton of TV shows too. He'll be WELL known though after this summer because he's playing the lead in "Transformers" Which will probably be the smash hit of the summer. Trailer looks awesome.
anyway... I realized at the last minute that this movie was a remake of an Alfred Hitchcock movie called "Rear Window". This didn't really bother me because I had never seen Rear Window. My friend had and he said it really felt like two different movies. A few complaints... It was a teen movie really. It was geared towards teens, stared teens (well Shia is 21 but he played a highschool kid). I actually started to feel a little old while sitting there. The other complaint is minor too... it was a non-stop gadget fest. Cellphones, ipods, imacs, video recorders, webcams, laptops, etc... it was borderline cool and borderline commercials. Overall though it was a fast paced, entertaining movie.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

UFO Crash?

Wow, check out this story... a large (100 sq meter) "satellite or UFO" looking device fell from the sky with a loud "BAM" in a remote village in Somalia. One of the witness says that during the day it glimmers, and at night it "turns lights and speaks strange languages" which can not be understood by the villagers.
I'm not saying this is real, but what a story. Yet it's only one person's account that I managed to trace back to this source on the Shabelle news site. I also know that there has been some falling satellite debris about a week or so ago that caused a stir of ufo reports. Perhaps that's all this is too - but what if it's not. This news coming too on the heels of reports that scientists have recently discovered the first planet (other than earth) that contains water outside of our solar system. (I remember growing up in school, when they didn't even know if there were other planets outside of our solar system.)

I might as well post one other space related news item that caught my attention... It's sad really... one of the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) satellites was lost due to a human error. I can't imagine how that one person must feel to know that a "simple" update caused the loss of how many billions of dollars worth of material, and research and time of fellow scientists. Talk about having a bad day.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

we are not at war

A Quick post for this Saturday morning...
Found this blog post via reddit that is very interesting. It doesn't have a lot of rant material, short and to the point. I found a lot of the comments interesting too.
Stop calling it "war"

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Misc Ramblings

Well, I've been kinda busy these past couple days so I'm gonna try and squeeze a blog post in. I wanted to put more thought into these but I'll just throw em up here...
My first "rejection" - the painting that I entered into the local art show here was rejected the other day. Oh trust me, I've got all the excuses as to why... not professionally framed, not putting a price tag on the painting so the gallery can make money off of it, etc... And I'll fall back on the ol' Groucho Marx quote, "Any club that would have me as a member, I wouldn't want to be a part of". Still, It was neat to make the attempt to enter. My art teacher smiled too, she said I'd have to have a list of "rejections" 3 pages long before I got my first "acceptance". So one down :)

Speaking of art... I had my painting class last night. I was in such a mood for coffee when I arrived. I always get there early so I knew I had time to wander the city in search of a cup of coffee. I had noticed a "cafe" last week about 3 blocks away, so I thought I'd walk down to check it out. I passed a fancy "saloon" that looked like a ritzy place that should not have the name "saloon" so I kept on walking. Sure enough, I found the cafe and went in. It was a small Italian place (with 2 hispanic chefs in the back), that reminded me more of a diner than a cafe. BUT... I was pleasantly surprised when I asked for a cup of coffee to go, the guy behind the counter just waved me off and said no charge. Very cool of him, and it was nice to be the recipient of a "random act of kindness". If you are ever in Philly look for Fitzwater Cafe around 7th and Fitzwater.

I was so bummed the other day while driving into work. Some person in the highway department decided to remove a whole strip of shrubs running down the median strip. I can't recall the name of the shrub, but they are a brilliant yellow flower that only blooms in early spring. So for whatever reason, these guys went down the row with a giant "weedwhacker" and cut all these shrubs down to the ground. It's like there is someone in the government whose job it is to eliminate all plant life. And you can't tell me it was because it was too difficult to "maintain" the flowers, if anything it was less area they would have to mow. Grr.

I thought there was more, but this has already taken me over an hour to write this with all the distractions. So hope your day is going better.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well, I supposed I am a tiny bit superstitious. In my mind, I understand the fact that it is illogical to be superstitious, yet in my other mind (left brain right brain?) I think "why tempt fate" so often I may take "precautions" just to be safe. One year I had a really bad Friday the 13th. Knock on wood ;) I've never had another day quite that bad, but I still approach the 13th a slight trepidation. On a personal note, I hope to go to an art show on this date. I found out that there will be a show of "artbots" in my area - I'll try to explain in a future post. Enough about me though... Onto the big news!
STEORN! I just found out through my google alerts that Steorn is scheduled to make a big announcement on Friday the 13th. Well, maybe it's not that big of news. They are really dragging this "big announcement" out for all it's worth. I know, you can't rush science, but come on, give us something good already. Chances are this will be an announcement saying that another step has been taken in the "scientific review" period. I just wandered over to their website and noticed they did a totally new graphic facelift to their site. Gave it the ol' "cliche" web 2.0 look. It's nice and all, but I'm getting tired of these websites all looking the same. OH and apparently they came up with a "catchy web 2.0" name for it too... Orbo.
So stay tuned, and lets see what Steorn has to say.

Monday, April 09, 2007

10 reasons to turn off your TV

Wish I had more interesting info to post today but I've got the "Monday's" so I'm still a but mushy headed. So for your readin pleasure I'll point you to this post I found via reddit about cutting down (or eliminating) your TV viewing. I am pretty much addicted to my TV. I like to think I have it in control, but I don't. I have gotten a little better in turning it off lately. The other day (Sat morn) I started flipping through the channels. One commercial after another. I'm mentally keeping tabs on how many channels have a commercial on rather than programing. It's amazing when you become aware of it. I've even gotten away from watching C-span, it seems that their programing has gotten less interesting. I wish they would "spice" up their programing a little. But, all that to say... I'm going to try watching less TV and see what happens. I wish I had Tivo, but I refuse to pay yet another service to subscribe to. So without further aduie...
Ten Financial Reasons to Turn off your television.

Oh one small bit of good news...
I booked my tickets the other night for my vacation to California! Going out to visit family again, and to see the second "annual" Maker Faire! Can't wait!

Friday, April 06, 2007

O'Reilly and Geraldo loose it

I just saw this video clip thanks to reddit [via] (currently the number one spot) of Bill O'Reilly and Geraldo getting in a heated debate about illegal aliens vs drunk driving. Has anyone else noticed though that this seems to be a recurring theme lately? The "anger" factor has been turned up on these conservative talk shows. I saw a program not too long ago where B.O.R. had a similar blow-up and I also caught a show of Glenn Beck's where he was "shaking mad". I'm beginning to think this is all an act to garner ratings. Who can be more "passionate" about what they believe and cause more "drama". Another example of how "news" is being turned into an entertainment media.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007


It's Easter this weekend! I have to admit, I don't really "celebrate" Easter. Back when I used to go to church as a kid, I was always amazed that on both Christmas and Easter our church would fill up to standing room only. I remember sitting there thinking... where were these people last week, or through-out the year? I thought "such hypocrites" (not really sure if that's the definition of a hypocrite). But I also vowed (as a kid) that I would not be one of "those" people. I don't know if I'm in the right or not, but there just seems to be something wrong about only showing up for the two biggy Christian holidays. BUT I do understand the importance of the day and wish everyone a happy Easter. (And a congrats to Monk who is scheduled to be baptized on Easter Sunday. For those wondering who this "Monk" person is... he's my nephew, and that's his codename for bloggin purposes).

SO to throw more confusion in to the day known as Easter... if you like to do the Pagan ritual of dying Easter eggs... be sure to check out my post from last year... about making colored easter egg's using the skins of an onion. Sounds gross I know, but it's cool (and easy).
or check out the original post on the website.

Dark Cloud

Well, there seems to be another dark cloud following me and my friends around. I'm still noticing how bad things happen in three's. I just found out my friends computer was basically "fried" due to viruses. He was having problems (crashes, slow, etc...) so he installed a new/different virus scanner, and sure enough, it reported back that he had 51 viruses! So, he's in the market (forced really) to get a new computer. He's considering an Apple (I'm trying not to turn him one way or another). I know more switchers now than I ever did. 2) My other friend got in a car accident. Apparently she's ok, but her car was damaged (I don't know to what extent). The story I got (secondhand) was that a pickup truck came around a corner too fast and side swiped her - AND kept going! Grrr. 3) And the sad news is that another friends mother just passed away. She was 92. I met her only a few times but she was a very nice lady with a great sense of humor.
So that's 3. No more. Anyone who is reading this be sure to say a prayer, or grab your lucky charm, or something to ward off the bad spirits. (I remember when I was a kid - 9 or 10 maybe - I got a book out of the library about superstitions... It was amazing. One of the ones I remember was to draw a circle in the dirt with a stick, then spit in it. But I can't remember why... it was either to ward off bad luck, or make it rain :)
Well, I've got art class tonight, so I hope that will help clear my mind. I'm thinking of entering a painting in a local art show too... I'll have to post about that if it gets accepted.
Not much else. Just trying to keep my head low and dodge any further bad luck.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lowes Customer Service follow-up

A few days ago, I posted a rant about my experience at a local Lowes and the frustration I had in finding some wire. Well, this morning someone "anonymous" left a response that made it sound like he/she worked there. For all I know, this was left by a Home Depot employee trying to make Lowes look bad. I was all set to give a point by point rebuttal to this person's comment but instead I think I'll just re-post it here and let it speak for itself. Let's just say that if this came from a Lowes employee, that it simply reinforces my decision to not shop there.

Anonymous said... i think you guys are lazy. when you mentioned the computer system, we can not just type in anything and it will tell us where it is, it would only give the price. Have you ever stoped to wonder perhaps the customer service ass. was new? so she got an aisle wrong? have you ever stopped and looked around to see how many products we sell, it is impossible to know where every thing is and what everything does. i think the customer service ass. was correct in sending you to the wire aile. and when the wire ass. was never paged, i call people on their portable phones all the time, to tell them they have a customer coming, perhaps that is why you never heard them page. and maybe they only had one ass. who knew about wire, is it not possible that while you were waiting for 10 min, maybe they were with another cusomer who had asked a question earlier. why not be a little more paitent? id like to see you try and work at lowes for one week and see how many mistakes you make. try to stop blameing everything on the world around you. you obviously had an idea of what you wanted, why not do something for your self instead of having people do everything for you?

Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Day

Happy Birthday Monk!