Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy earth day

Well today is earth day and I'm not sure what I'm going to do to help out. I think I might start with the portion of the earth that I'm using at the moment... my apartment. Cleaning is not on my list of high priorities. I'd like to be able to claim that I'm doing something a little more "nobel". I did buy a second Wegman's canvas shopping bag yesterday though, so that should count for something.

So last night my friend and I went to see a movie... Hot Fuzz. I won't go into details and try to critique this movie because in a nutshell it was stupid. But, that being said, I actually thought a lot of it was funny and found myself chuckling a lot. Yes, it was so stupid that I think it might have some how crossed the line back into funny. I won't recommend this for anyone, it will have to be a gamble each person is willing to take. I will say this about it... putting aside the stupidity, there was some interesting filming going on here, the way they turned mundane things (like opening a door) into a sort of action spoof by using sound effects and fast cuts was interesting. Towards the end of the movie when the "action" starts to get going with the gun fights, I found myself saying... how fun that must have been to film! Shaun of the dead was MUCH better, but I was entertained so it was worth my $9. This might be one of those movies that is actually better the second time you see it and maybe with a 2 beer minimum.


cyen said...

Rather than "update" I figured I'd post a comment. Well, I did a little bit more for earth day than I originally posted... I bought two new "energy saver" bulbs (27watts = 100 watt light) AND I planted my own tomato plant. I hope it lasts long enough to get at least one tomato. I've put it on my balcony in a large pot, so we'll see how it goes.

cyen said...

Grrr. I don't like how blogger handles links... let's try this again...
tomato day one