Monday, April 09, 2007

10 reasons to turn off your TV

Wish I had more interesting info to post today but I've got the "Monday's" so I'm still a but mushy headed. So for your readin pleasure I'll point you to this post I found via reddit about cutting down (or eliminating) your TV viewing. I am pretty much addicted to my TV. I like to think I have it in control, but I don't. I have gotten a little better in turning it off lately. The other day (Sat morn) I started flipping through the channels. One commercial after another. I'm mentally keeping tabs on how many channels have a commercial on rather than programing. It's amazing when you become aware of it. I've even gotten away from watching C-span, it seems that their programing has gotten less interesting. I wish they would "spice" up their programing a little. But, all that to say... I'm going to try watching less TV and see what happens. I wish I had Tivo, but I refuse to pay yet another service to subscribe to. So without further aduie...
Ten Financial Reasons to Turn off your television.

Oh one small bit of good news...
I booked my tickets the other night for my vacation to California! Going out to visit family again, and to see the second "annual" Maker Faire! Can't wait!

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