Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lowes Customer Service follow-up

A few days ago, I posted a rant about my experience at a local Lowes and the frustration I had in finding some wire. Well, this morning someone "anonymous" left a response that made it sound like he/she worked there. For all I know, this was left by a Home Depot employee trying to make Lowes look bad. I was all set to give a point by point rebuttal to this person's comment but instead I think I'll just re-post it here and let it speak for itself. Let's just say that if this came from a Lowes employee, that it simply reinforces my decision to not shop there.

Anonymous said... i think you guys are lazy. when you mentioned the computer system, we can not just type in anything and it will tell us where it is, it would only give the price. Have you ever stoped to wonder perhaps the customer service ass. was new? so she got an aisle wrong? have you ever stopped and looked around to see how many products we sell, it is impossible to know where every thing is and what everything does. i think the customer service ass. was correct in sending you to the wire aile. and when the wire ass. was never paged, i call people on their portable phones all the time, to tell them they have a customer coming, perhaps that is why you never heard them page. and maybe they only had one ass. who knew about wire, is it not possible that while you were waiting for 10 min, maybe they were with another cusomer who had asked a question earlier. why not be a little more paitent? id like to see you try and work at lowes for one week and see how many mistakes you make. try to stop blameing everything on the world around you. you obviously had an idea of what you wanted, why not do something for your self instead of having people do everything for you?


Anonymous said...

i gotta hit this one.....

i have worked in customer service for over 10 years.

customer service is just that CUSTOMER SERVICE- you are there to service the customer and help them with whatever they may need, require, or just plain want. you are paid to be FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. that's your job. stop making excuses of this is this and that is that".... or "i was in the restroom, so i couldn't hear the page"... whatever the excuse is- you shouldn't have one. you are either a store that provides excellent customer service or you AREN'T! it's that simple.

oh, and if you are going to rant about something at least learn to spell things correctly. (huge pet peeve of mine) not saying i'm perfect, but hell- if it's a rebuttal at least seem like you are at least bit literate.

thank you- i had to get that off my chest.


cyen said...

Thanks Anon. I know there are good CS representatives out there with your attitude and it is greatly appreciated.