Thursday, April 26, 2007

Food - Mike Colameco

I'm getting a little tired or rants so I'll take a break (for today anyway).
So, let's talk about food!
I am usually a late sleeper on the weekends. On an average about 10am is when I like to roll out of bed. So lucky for me that I've discovered a cooking show that I really like at 10:30 on Saturday mornings. It's called "Colameco's Food Show" and like the title, Mike Colameco is a simple down to earth kinda guy. Don't get me wrong, he knows his stuff, and can talk "chef talk" with the best of them. Mike's TV show usually starts with a visit to one or more restaurant (usually in the NY or Philadelphia area) then he'll come back to "his" kitchen (lately he's been using a studio kitchen) at which point he'll pick a food to cook that is similar to the restaurant's that he just visited but is not that difficult so an average Joe like me can understand it. The recipes he usually shows are simple and contain standard ingredients.
So the other day, after watching one of his shows, I wanted to go online and see if he had a recipe on his website. Well, turns out his website is sorely needing an update as his last recipes listed are from his 2005 shows. ugh. BUT... while searching google for his recipes, I found that Mike also has a daily radio show in NY - AND that it is available for a free podcast download. I think you can also listen to the shows on their website here (warning - WOR710 is a conservative radio station, but Mike doesn't talk politics). I've only listened to about 3 of his podcasts so far and I really like them. I listened to one recently that was all about steak. I learned a lot (I'll probably never eat steak like they were talking about - upwards of $50 a pound!) but he also suggested some "cheaper" cuts that are almost as good. Sometimes he has guests (like the steak show), or sometimes it's just calls from the listeners.
All this really just to say... if you enjoy food (I do) you should check out Mike's shows either on TV or on a free podcast.

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