Sunday, April 29, 2007

Art Buggy Derby 2.0

Well, I just got back home a couple hours ago from the 2nd "annual?" Art Buggy Derby. We had it over in a public park in Philly called "Washington Square". It was initially supposed to be a race around the fountain in the center of the park, but once the buggies started gathering it caught the eye of the local authorities, who said they didn't want us interfereing with the traffic (I assume they meant foot traffic) so they moved us over to a grassy patch on the edge of the park. All in all it was a blast. A LOT more people turned out from the first derby - I think we had 15 buggies. It did cause for a much longer day, with all the races and heats. It seemed like the crowd was really into it too, though towards the end, I think everyone was running out of steam. I posted a small video clip to youtube just now. I shot this on my still camera in a video mode, so it's not the best quality, but you can at least get an idea. I also took a TON of photos so I'll be posting them on my flickr account soon. Special thanks to my buddy who I asked to be my runner (since I'm not in the best of physical shape after working behind a desk for 11 years). I designed and built the buggy, and he did all the racing (well too, since he won each time!) I think our buggy performed perfectly except for a little mishap on the last race, the lid of one of the boxes popped open and I lost a few of the ball-bearings, but the art was still completed, and I recovered all but two pinballs.
Oh, and I was really impressed with the other buggies too. Some were just way over the top!
Fun day!

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