Friday, April 20, 2007

self promotion

A little self promotion post here... I had a fun time on this past Sunday taking some macro photos for the latest photogamer challenge. If you have a digital camera and enjoy photography but never know what to go take a picture of, I encourage you to join up. It's a good bunch of creative people participating in the challenges. Also be sure to check out some of my other photos, I think I got some good ones to illustrate "small things".


babsdono said...

it appears that your recent investment in a new camera has already paid for itself. great work.

cyen said...

Thanks babs :)
It's been a fun (and expensive) hobby. I've got to try and curb the desires to wanting another new photo "gadget"... my newest wish is to possibly get a wide angle lens... I would like to take some photos of buildings. I've also seen some nice photos on flickr that I admire all using a 50mm or less lens. It's always something :)