Wednesday, April 18, 2007

new music - lily allen

new day - new post.
- i've been at my computer now for about an hour, ordered a new hard drive for backup reasons, typed a few emails, and searched a few things on google, when it hit me... do we really need "capital letters"? i'm going to try and type this post using all lowercase...

the other day (maybe a week ago) I heard a voice on the radio that really sounded wonderful. it was a live interview with this woman who had a thick english accent - cockney i think they call it. she almost sounded like regina spektor (my last music purchase) but with a more sweeter sugary voice. so on sunday i went on a web quest to find out who she was and maybe purchase a song or two. her name is lilly allen. she has two songs now that i've heard recently on the radio that you may have heard of too: smile and everything is wonderful. (I think little things is getting airplay too). I ended up buying the whole album as it was on sale on itunes - 14 songs for $7.99 good deal. Well, I'm not sure if I like all of her songs but her voice and accent are great as are her lyrics. one comment though that bothers me. I ended up having a choice of buying the "explicit" version of the album vs the "clean" version. I thought "I'm a big guy, I can handle the language" so I got the "explicit". well, in hindsight I think I should have gotten the clean version. i just don't like the mind twist my brain does while listening to this sugary sweet woman's voice and then hearing explicit foul words. well, I'm going to continue to listen to her album, but we'll see how long she can stay in the player before regina boots her out.
Here's her website - but she has a weird audio problem on the site where music starts playing overtop of a video - with no way to pause or stop the video. grr.
in a somewhat related audio post... i found a new podcast the other day based on the new series called "this american life". It's now a show on showtime (which i've not seen) but it's based on a radio program. I just listened to the episode where they spent 24 hours doing interviews with the people in a chicago diner (how ever you spell diner or dinner). it's been great. I bet diner's get the most interesting "slice of life" people in them than any other restaurant or store.
check it out if you like "slice of life stories".

so... what'd ya think? is there a need for capital letters? I think there might be for aesthetic reasons only. I'll go back to using them now.

PS> I may do a follow up post about the recent court ruling that allows the music industry to now charge as much as 4 times the amount of license fees for internet "streamed" music. It may kill the online net radio stations like They insist on squeezing out every last cent in the license fees that I think will backfire and cause more piracy. I'm perfectly willing to pay for my music as long as it's easy, and affordable.


valejandras said...

well, i seem to lack the use of cap letters in my writing and have yet to receive a complaint... so i am all for the lack of cap letters. the only time i use them is when i REALLY want to stress something. hee hee

oh and i like lily allen, although i've yet to purchase any of her music... b/c regina is way

tootles.. and have a pleasant day.

cyen said...

Ha... guess what just showed up in my "entertainment news" on my google homepage...
Lily cancel's American tour dates because she's too drunk and tired. So apparently she's got a potty mouth and is a lush too ;)

I bet Regina would never do this ;)

cyen said...

Link didn't work:
Lets try this...
Lily cancels tour

valejandras said...

nice! and no ms. regina is a star!! hee hee

wow! she is a lush... darn that lily allen. ;-)

later gator!

babsdono said...

lower case is really convenient for email. i agree with valejandras-caps for "accentuation?".

i've heard lily allen, regina spektor and amy winehouse, but haven't listened that carefully to be able to distinguish between the 3 of them. i remember hearing about winehouse evidently has the same reputation as lily allen, though. heavy partier, can be pretty raunchy on stage. seems like they might be establishing themselves in a new genre of women singer/songwriters. not sure if it is good or bad. what do you think about patti smith. not saying she is a drunk, but back in the 70's she was (and still is) one of the only women in rock doing what she does.

i love "this american life". used to listen to it on the way home from work when it was aired at 10pm on npr. haven't really listened lately but will have to check out the new tv show, and see how it translates.

cyen said...

hey babs, yeah, I haven't made up my mind yet on winehouse. I like her "no no, no" song, but that's the only song I've heard from her. I also think it might just be a lot of hype about her "druggie" background. As for Patti Smith, I never really noticed her before. I had to jump over to itunes to see who or what she sang :)

Anonymous said...

never heard of patti smith??? or g-l-o-r-i-a, gloria, etc.
she performed at the aatm fest a few years ago and was awesome. i had never seen her live before, and am kinda sorry now. very thought provoking material. she is also a published poet and artist. here's a link to a few of the sites about her and
she was also just inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame this year.

she's quite a gal.