Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday the 13th

Well, I supposed I am a tiny bit superstitious. In my mind, I understand the fact that it is illogical to be superstitious, yet in my other mind (left brain right brain?) I think "why tempt fate" so often I may take "precautions" just to be safe. One year I had a really bad Friday the 13th. Knock on wood ;) I've never had another day quite that bad, but I still approach the 13th a slight trepidation. On a personal note, I hope to go to an art show on this date. I found out that there will be a show of "artbots" in my area - I'll try to explain in a future post. Enough about me though... Onto the big news!
STEORN! I just found out through my google alerts that Steorn is scheduled to make a big announcement on Friday the 13th. Well, maybe it's not that big of news. They are really dragging this "big announcement" out for all it's worth. I know, you can't rush science, but come on, give us something good already. Chances are this will be an announcement saying that another step has been taken in the "scientific review" period. I just wandered over to their website and noticed they did a totally new graphic facelift to their site. Gave it the ol' "cliche" web 2.0 look. It's nice and all, but I'm getting tired of these websites all looking the same. OH and apparently they came up with a "catchy web 2.0" name for it too... Orbo.
So stay tuned, and lets see what Steorn has to say.

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