Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Dark Cloud

Well, there seems to be another dark cloud following me and my friends around. I'm still noticing how bad things happen in three's. I just found out my friends computer was basically "fried" due to viruses. He was having problems (crashes, slow, etc...) so he installed a new/different virus scanner, and sure enough, it reported back that he had 51 viruses! So, he's in the market (forced really) to get a new computer. He's considering an Apple (I'm trying not to turn him one way or another). I know more switchers now than I ever did. 2) My other friend got in a car accident. Apparently she's ok, but her car was damaged (I don't know to what extent). The story I got (secondhand) was that a pickup truck came around a corner too fast and side swiped her - AND kept going! Grrr. 3) And the sad news is that another friends mother just passed away. She was 92. I met her only a few times but she was a very nice lady with a great sense of humor.
So that's 3. No more. Anyone who is reading this be sure to say a prayer, or grab your lucky charm, or something to ward off the bad spirits. (I remember when I was a kid - 9 or 10 maybe - I got a book out of the library about superstitions... It was amazing. One of the ones I remember was to draw a circle in the dirt with a stick, then spit in it. But I can't remember why... it was either to ward off bad luck, or make it rain :)
Well, I've got art class tonight, so I hope that will help clear my mind. I'm thinking of entering a painting in a local art show too... I'll have to post about that if it gets accepted.
Not much else. Just trying to keep my head low and dodge any further bad luck.


valejandras said...

i'll say a prayer for you to ward of the bad mojo....

just remember to think good thoughts and that everything happens for a reason.

be well!


cyen said...

Thanks V - Back at ya, hope your back is feeling better soon.