Saturday, April 21, 2007

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Happy Saturday! It is finally a nice spring day here on the east coast. Still a bit of a chill in the air but at least the sun is shinning. I opened my window last night to get some fresh air... I didn't get much sleep because of it. I went to bed a little late around 1am, at about 1:45 I was awoken by the sounds of a "fierce" sounding car racing around my apartment complex. I have to admit, part of me was pissed that this thing woke me up, and the other part of me (the 17 year old part) was like "WOAH! listen to that engine!" - then this morning I was awoken at about 8am by those stupid birds! It's amazing how loud they sing. It wouldn't be so bad, you think, how could this guy by upset with the serenade of the birds singing on a spring day... In my apartment complex, there are TONS of cars, and about every third one has a car alarm. So one of the daily repertoire of the mocking bird(s) here are to simulate all of the car alarms. I think car alarms should be banned - they don't work.

ok, moving on... I wanted to post these two links that I found that go against the grain and make you think a little.
From the blog "" they have this at the top of the page... Make this Earth Day your last! - huh? But after I read it they have a real point. I have planted maybe 5 trees in the first few years of "celebrating" earthday. I wonder if those trees are still alive...

And this article is a little more controversial. I don't know if I agree with it purely on a gut reaction, but intellectually I have to agree with it... Lowering drinking age may lower troubles among teens. The headline on reddit was: 18 year olds can vote, go to war, get married, adopt children, sign legal documents, etc. So why can't they sit down and have a beer?

Lastly... I wasn't going to comment on this, but I have to just say that when I first heard this it made me sick to my stomach, to hear that a US Senator, who is currently making a play for the Pres, would have the stupidity to joke about bombing another country. YouTube "accidently" pulled the video but put it back up after a large outcry.

UPDATE: I don't usually update my posts but I had to on this one... Apparently, McCain is saying that I should "get a life" for criticizing him for his "joke".

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