Thursday, April 12, 2007

Misc Ramblings

Well, I've been kinda busy these past couple days so I'm gonna try and squeeze a blog post in. I wanted to put more thought into these but I'll just throw em up here...
My first "rejection" - the painting that I entered into the local art show here was rejected the other day. Oh trust me, I've got all the excuses as to why... not professionally framed, not putting a price tag on the painting so the gallery can make money off of it, etc... And I'll fall back on the ol' Groucho Marx quote, "Any club that would have me as a member, I wouldn't want to be a part of". Still, It was neat to make the attempt to enter. My art teacher smiled too, she said I'd have to have a list of "rejections" 3 pages long before I got my first "acceptance". So one down :)

Speaking of art... I had my painting class last night. I was in such a mood for coffee when I arrived. I always get there early so I knew I had time to wander the city in search of a cup of coffee. I had noticed a "cafe" last week about 3 blocks away, so I thought I'd walk down to check it out. I passed a fancy "saloon" that looked like a ritzy place that should not have the name "saloon" so I kept on walking. Sure enough, I found the cafe and went in. It was a small Italian place (with 2 hispanic chefs in the back), that reminded me more of a diner than a cafe. BUT... I was pleasantly surprised when I asked for a cup of coffee to go, the guy behind the counter just waved me off and said no charge. Very cool of him, and it was nice to be the recipient of a "random act of kindness". If you are ever in Philly look for Fitzwater Cafe around 7th and Fitzwater.

I was so bummed the other day while driving into work. Some person in the highway department decided to remove a whole strip of shrubs running down the median strip. I can't recall the name of the shrub, but they are a brilliant yellow flower that only blooms in early spring. So for whatever reason, these guys went down the row with a giant "weedwhacker" and cut all these shrubs down to the ground. It's like there is someone in the government whose job it is to eliminate all plant life. And you can't tell me it was because it was too difficult to "maintain" the flowers, if anything it was less area they would have to mow. Grr.

I thought there was more, but this has already taken me over an hour to write this with all the distractions. So hope your day is going better.

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