Sunday, April 15, 2007

UFO Crash?

Wow, check out this story... a large (100 sq meter) "satellite or UFO" looking device fell from the sky with a loud "BAM" in a remote village in Somalia. One of the witness says that during the day it glimmers, and at night it "turns lights and speaks strange languages" which can not be understood by the villagers.
I'm not saying this is real, but what a story. Yet it's only one person's account that I managed to trace back to this source on the Shabelle news site. I also know that there has been some falling satellite debris about a week or so ago that caused a stir of ufo reports. Perhaps that's all this is too - but what if it's not. This news coming too on the heels of reports that scientists have recently discovered the first planet (other than earth) that contains water outside of our solar system. (I remember growing up in school, when they didn't even know if there were other planets outside of our solar system.)

I might as well post one other space related news item that caught my attention... It's sad really... one of the Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) satellites was lost due to a human error. I can't imagine how that one person must feel to know that a "simple" update caused the loss of how many billions of dollars worth of material, and research and time of fellow scientists. Talk about having a bad day.

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