Tuesday, April 24, 2007

we the people...

I wasn't sure what to blog today, then I saw this post about Rush Limbaugh playing an offensive clip called "Barack the magic negro". I went to the website, but I didn't even bother to click on the audio clip to hear it. You know why? I don't care what Limbaugh has to say or how offensive he is. Then this thought led me to this thought... There was a large outcry at Imus' offensive rant about the basketball players, and many called for him to be fired. I'm all for that, if someone is that offensive that you feel they should be fired, by all means, raise as much fuss as you want. But then it hit me... We the people have the power to get rid of these offensive guys. Stop listening/watching their shows. I know, the problem lies in "what about those people then who continue to watch their show?" - that's where the real problem lies then isn't it. By calling for these guys to be fired for something they said or a bad joke gone too far over the line isn't really solving anything. Another "shock jock" will be waiting in the wings to take their place. What we have to start doing it calling attention to the listeners and the responsibility they have. My friend listens to Glenn Beck, and at times will "taunt" me with something Glenn said that goes against what I think. The other day (just before Earth day) my friend sent me a link about Glenn's anti-global warming live tour. After visiting his website I saw that he has promotion going on now where people are being encouraged to send Glenn all of their plastic shopping bags. At which time, Glenn will ship ALL of the accumulated bags to one of the political leaders in San Francisco who is trying to get petroleum based plastic bag's banned from use. Ok, I get it, it's a joke. But really this disgusts me and I don't think it funny. When I told my friend that, he then went on the "Defense" and said he agreed that this was one of Glenn's idea's that he was not in favor of, but then proceeded to defend Glenn's basis of why he was doing this "joke". It seems illogical to me to agree that something is lame, and then go on and defend it.
So, I'm putting this post out there to say to all you people who listen to Imus, Rush, Hannity, etc... On Air Personalities who have a history of saying mean or disparaging things... Stop listening to their shows. You have a responsibility too as a listener.

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