Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Paper Clip Project

I watched a good movie on Sat night... it was an indy documentary (I like those) about something called the paper clip project (not to be confused with the internet phenon known as "one red paper clip" - which I just learned will be a movie in 2009!)
All in all I liked this movie, but I have a few comments (always do right?).
First off, it was sad. I generally don't like sad movies. I look to movies to escape sad things. But I can't really hold that against this film because I kinda knew the topic before I rented it (another quick plug here for netflix, if you like documentaries netflix has a great selection.)
It was maybe a tad bit too long also. Towards the end, I was starting to get antsy and just wanted the movie to end. I was also having trouble with the whole premise of the project towards the end of the movie. The initial goal of the project (or film) was that a small rural middle school in Tennessee wanted to do a class project about prejudice. They wanted to also explore other cultures, so they chose the topic of the holocaust. At one point, they were trying to get a grasp of exactly how many 6 million was. The students had a hard time grasping that large number (I do too). So they decided to start collecting paper clips. I won't be spoiling anything by saying that they got LOTS of paper clips... We're talking a LOT!!! The movie started to loose me when they made the attempt to get an actual rail car used to transport the Jewish people to their deaths. This rubbed me the wrong way. I understand they were trying to make a memorial, turn something negative into something positive, but it started to smack of sensationalism. When they started selling tickets to see the inside of the rail car full of clips that really bothered me. This is sounding very negative, but for the most part it was a good movie. I learned some things too. The stories from the holocaust survivors were tough to watch, but I'm glad I got to see and hear them. Give this movie a chance.
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