Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pirates - Worlds End

I forgot to post the other day my short review for "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End". Maybe my brain wasn't functioning well that night but for most of the movie I was lost in the storyline. There were a lot of groups, pirate rules, character stories etc, to keep track of and I kinda lost it. But, maybe that was a good thing, I started to get angry at myself then It hit me... this is just supposed to be a fun summer movie - stop thinking so much. So I did. I just enjoyed the action scenes, the cool looking monsters, etc. So all in all, I enjoyed this movie. Yes, I know a lot of the critics are bashing it. I heard several people say too that Johnny Depp was not in the movie all that much - I disagree. He wasn't in every scene, but I certainly didn't feel like he was missed. OH, one more thing... I don't think movie too appropriate for children... it was pretty violent (starts out with a bunch of mass hangings). And if you have the time, stick around til the end of the credits, there is a small bonus scene at the very end.

PS> Makes me want to read another pirate book... if anyone has a good recommendation please post in the comments. (Yes, I've read Treasure Island and enjoyed it).

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valejandras said...

saw the movie and loved it! i'm really into the series. so, i know already what i want for christmas.


later gator