Friday, May 11, 2007

Winding Down

You'll have to forgive me Nation... (Do I sound like Stephen Colbert?)
I'm approaching the final days before my vacation to CALIFORNIA!
I'm heading west to visit family and really looking forward to the second annual MAKER FAIRE! I'm just as psyched to go soak up those CA vibes... Chilling at the local Peet's coffee shop, or maybe trying a new sushi place that my sister discovered, seeing my nephew at a hockey game and watching my Bro Coach, or fill me in on the latest Fantasy Baseball goin's on. I'm finding my mental state a little compromised as the time gets closer, as I mentally wander from the east coast to the west. According to my countdown timer, I'm 5 days, 13 hours, 30 minutes and 10 seconds away from being in the air. I'm not saying I won't post again, but I don't know if I'll be able to drop any heavy thoughts on you. I'm really just letting off the gas now and coasting...

All that being said, I purchased some new music (again). I happen to see these guys on the Craig Ferguson show (I never watch that show, I just happened to be up late - I'm not even sure If I'm spelling his name right). The group is called - Ozomatli. The song that I heard was called "Can't Stop" and it was mainly the beat that got me. It's got a real "Los Lonely Boys" sound to it, but with a touch of pop, reggae, and a pinch of ska. A few of their songs are on the hip hop side, which I haven't made up my mind if I like those. I've also not had time to really listen to the lyrics... I don't know what the message is, I'm just enjoying the Latin beats.
In other music, I'm getting ready to purchase some more Depeche Mode. Not too long ago, itunes added a HUGE selection of remixes, extended songs, and B-sides and imports, to their library. I've found some that I really like! I just pulled up their website and saw "Black Celebration" mentioned... wow, hard to believe that I saw that concert live in a small venue... it was one of the best concerts I've been too - and hands down the loudest. Seems like that was another lifetime...


valejandras said...

i know you just did not say that "Ozo" has a lonely boys sound to it... cyen i think i may have lost all respect for

i have been an Ozo fan since the first album... have partied with the group and have nothing but fabulous things to say about them.... my favorite album? "enbrace the chaos".

i'm glad that you joined the "Ozo" clan...hee hee.

happy friday!

cyen said...

I didn't mean the Los Lonely as a slam... I just don't have any experience with the Latin/Mexico (is there a difference?) genre, and Los was the only reference I've got.
I'll have to check out "embrace the chaos" too. Thanks.
PS> Saw your post yesterday for the ACL concert(s)... impressive lineup!
PS2> What's wrong with Los? ;) I've got one of their cd's...

valejandras said...

nothing is wrong with them.... they are just a completely different style of latino music.

tell you what... i'll come up with a list of related groups and you can have listen... i think it's time i versed you in this genre... hee hee.

valejandras said...

alright- here's the start:

Ozomotli is like the ska/reggae/pop/rock/R&B aspect of latin music... is you want to stay in that arena try.... Antibalas (from NY) or the B Side Players (from LA)

if you want to stay with the rap version of music like Ozo- i'd go with Jurassic 5 (chali2tuna- used to hang with ozo then with J5, and now has his own thing), or with tribe or de la soul (those are older groups, but still great to listen to).

now if you like Los Lonely Boys- they have a more "tejano" influence with the pop that they carry- then you'll really enjoy Los Lobos, or (my friends from here in texas- have to promote them) Grupo Fantasma.

let me know if you like any of these.

be well!