Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What if Jesus came back today?

I found this news item via disinfo.com. I had heard of him one time before on the internet somewhere (probably boingboing). At first, I dismissed the news story as yet another loony who has a God complex. It's not like we haven't seen them before (Koresh, Jones, etc...) But, then it hit me... what if Jesus did come back today? With the internet full of crazy stories, I would probably assume the same thing. What if Jesus did come back, would he really have had a problem with Heroin? Would he have a criminal record that included jail time? I doubt it, but he was a bit of a trouble maker. Then, what troubles me more about this story... that "Dr. Jose" has his followers tattoo themselves with 666. Could Dr. Jose be the anti-christ that is talked about in Revelation? Or is he yet another loon who has figured out a way to scam a bunch of people out of their hard earned money. I guess time will tell.

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