Monday, May 28, 2007

Maker Faire Kid Beyond

Well, the above video, believe it or not, was one of the highlights for me at the maker faire this year. I know, with all those gadgets, inventions, robots, etc... This guy making noises into a microphone was one of the highlights. I've heard beatboxing on TV before, and on the internet, and was impressed, but always thought it a bit silly. But having seen this guy (who calls himself "Kid Beyond") was incredible. To hear those beats and rhythms coming out of his mouth was hard to believe. One of the things that made his performance entertaining was that at one point he asked for a volunteer from the audience. The volunteer he picked was a little blond hair 5 year old boy. Kid Beyond asked the kid to introduce himself to the crowd because he couldn't pronounce his name (sounded Swedish), the kid took the microphone, faced the crowd with no fear and spoke his name :) Then Kid asked Bjorn (making that up) to make the strangest noise he could, so the kid says "Bah" (like a sheep). After a few more times of making the noise, Kid then attempts to lay down a beat while using Bjorn's sound. It was both cute and funny, Bjorn was always about a half-step behind Kid :)
I urge you to go check out Kid Beyond's website here to hear more of his beats.

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