Saturday, May 05, 2007

Strange Bird call

I hope someone out there in the internet-land can help me with this... I've had a strange bird outside of my apartment for the past couple of days. I have yet to spot it because it's spring and all the leaves are coming in. But it has a very distinct "trill" call. It sort of reminds me of a loon. I used my little disigtal recorder to try and record it and it did, but unfortunately it's very quiet. You'll have to turn your volume up on your computer probably to hear this. I'm hoping that someone out there can recognize this call and tell me what it is. It sounds like a larger bird, I'm wondering if it's an owl? It's mid day so that doesn't make much sense.

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(Side geek note: I just had the most difficult time getting this file from my recorder to this blogpost. The recorder default is a WMA file. I had to update quicktime to the pro level (which I had on my other computer), then I tried VLC which played the clip, but I could not export it. Then I found a shareware converter called "musicman" that would let me convert the file to an WAV file. Then I had to open "studio sound" in demo mode to edit the audio (boosted the volume) resaved it as a WVA file. Then went to to upload the file, but for some reason it did not like the WAV format. So after all that I went back to the original mp3 file and here we are - Sheesh! There's got to be an easier way!)

UPDATE: 5/8/07 - It appears ODEO is very wishy washy. Sometimes it loads the audio sometimes it doesn't. (I think ODEO was sold and the new owners are not taking care of it anymore). I'll look into other options. I since have found a cool website with owl calls from Cornell, and although I can not find my particular bird call, I'm about 80% sure that's what I'm hearing is a baby owl.

UPDATE: 5/10/07 - As Johnny has pointed out in the comments, it seems others are having problems with the embedded sound file. I just tried this link and it appears to be working - but it will open in a new window for you.

UPDATE: 4/26/08 - Well, It took almost a year to confirm this, but I finally figured out what kind of bird this is. It is a woodpecker! At first I thought it was a "hairy woodpecker" but after reading this page, I'm not sure now. It could also be a downy woodpecker. I did not see any red, so it appears to be the female that I saw. I hope to get a better look at it someday.
(neither of the sound files on the cornell site sound like the bird I heard.)

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Johnny Smoke said...

I'm getting a server error message when I try listening to your bird call. I found your site while trying to learn more about adding a wav or mp3 player to my blog.