Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Unofficial Mike Colameco recipes

So, after trying to find some recipes on Mike Colameco's website and noticing that it has not been updated since 2005, I thought others might be doing the same. So, I decided to attempt to write his recipes down here on my blog, in the hopes that I'll have a copy of it, and two, that others may find it. Now, if you watch the show, Mike doesn't usually give out measurements on the show, so my "interpretation" of his recipes are just that, a guesstimate. Luckily, his recipes are usually simple and fast, so this should not be an issue.
This recipe is from two weeks ago, where he went to some seafood restaurants in NYC, then came home and cooked up some monk fish (I had no idea they were that ugly before Mike filleted it!). So for the fish it was so simple...
Monk fish tail fillet(s)
FRESH Scallops
Heat some oil (looked like canola, but I'm sure you can use your preference) in a hot frying pan.
After fish are almost done, put a tablespoon or 2 into the frying pan and let cook til it starts to brown.
Add some Fresh Lemon Juice.
As the side for this dish, Mike made some simple cabbage:
Savoy Cabbage
Sautee in a frying pan with oil
sprinkle some Mustard Seeds on.
Add a little butter
He then served the fish and cabbage with a piece of toast.


This recipe is from his latest show, where he visited Italy (great show!) Seafood Risotto Ingred: Shrimp, Lobster claws, mussels and clams Mike said the key to making a good seafood risotto is to make your own seafood stock using the shrimp and the clam and mussels... Peel the shrimp, save all the shells though... Add the shells and a bit of water and little bit of oil to a pot and heat (only about 1 minute). The shells will start to turn pink. Really, you're just trying to get the flavor from the shells into the water. Then add some water to the pot and boil for about 30 minutes. The second part, First, soak the clams and mussels in fresh water for about 15 minutes - this helps to flush the sand from them. Put the clams and mussels into a large frying pan with a small amount of water. Heat, and once clams and mussels open, remove them from their shells and put in a bowl, KEEP the water and liquids from when you boiled them in the frying pan. This becomes the other half of the seafood stock. Mike said a good tip, is to pour the liquid into a bowl and let sit, so that any sand will fall to the bottom, then simply pour carefully so as not to add the sand. Boil the lobster claws for 5-6 minutes. Combine all the seafood stocks with some garlic, and basil, and follow instructions for Risotto. Approx 18 minutes to cook. Mike said the key is to add liquid to the rice in small amounts, cook it for a little, then add more liquid (approx a small soup ladle) and stir often. While the Risotto is cooking, finish up the shrimp in a frying pan with olive oil and butter (won't take long - don't over cook the shrimp as they'll get rubbery). Add the lobster, clams, mussels to the risotto, along with some Marscarpone cheese and some chopped parsley.
MAN I'm hungry now!!!


Anonymous said...

thanks was looking for this one myself!

Anonymous said...

I saw his show about two weeks ago. It had a Chinese theme and he prepared some fish over bok choy. Of course his website is not updated and he does not answer emails. Does anyone have this recipe?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch! You're the best. I'll try and do this tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, I too was looking for this recipe. Serving it tonight in celebration of my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. Sure to be a hit!