Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Governor Corzine pays fine

If you don't live in NJ this story may not be all that important to you. I think it funny that I just learned of this headline that Corzine paid the fine via a news agency from another country (BBC). I'm glad Corzine stepped up (or rolled up in his wheelchair - sorry, bad taste) and paid the measly $46 fine for not wearing a seatbelt. BUT... what I have not heard talked about in the news or anywhere else, is why on earth was a state trooper traveling at 91 miles per hour!? Surely there can't be a loophole in the law that I don't know about that says you are allowed to speed if you have the Governor in your car? And of all the reasons, it seems he was running late for a meeting where the Gov was going to sit in on the apology from Don Imus to the Basketball team. Why did the Gov even have to be there for that meeting? Why was NJ Tax money being spent to have state police drive the Gov to this meeting? And I'll say it again... 91 miles per hour?! I don't care that the Gov broke the law by not having his seatbelt on, that doesn't endanger anyone elses life, but traveling at 91mph down a well traveled highway does. This is a story that just "burns me up" because it proves that there are two sets of laws... one for the "common folk" and one for the "higher ups" (whether that means money or status).
What I want to know is did that State Trooper have to pay a speeding fine, and did he get points on his license? If not... why?

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