Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ninja Kid!

This was a little event that happened to me and I just had to blog about it. It's several days later, and I woke up this morning and one of my first thoughts was 'Yikes! I forgot to post that to my blog!' - so here it is.

Monday nights I usually go to Wegmans for my grocery shopping.
I had made my rounds through the store and was about the head to the checkout when I remembered I had forgotten to pick up some soy milk. So I head back to the refrigerated aisle.
The soy milk is in the very last door furthest from the check out. There is a main aisle in between... kinda like this: o-------a --------x Where "o" is the checkout, the lines represent the fridges and the x represents the soy milk.
The "a" represents an end cap freezer where they sell the bags of ice cubes like for parties.

I grab my milk and start heading for the front of the store for check out.
I almost get to the aisle, when out of the Freezer (a), This little kid springs out and jumps in the middle of the aisle! Lands rather un-gracefully but not quite a fall.
He looks up at me and flashes this huge mischievous grin from ear to ear.
I just had to laugh/smile back at him :)
He then paused, looked both ways, and ran towards the front of the store (to catch up with his mother who I later saw in the checkout line).

I think I smiled all the way home on this one.
Sure it was prob a tad dangerous, sure the mother should have paid more attention to her kid and should have known that 1) he wasn't with her as she wasn't in the fridge aisle anymore and 2) was standing on bags of ice inside of a freezer.
But I couldn't help but laugh.
As someone who might have gotten into some mischievious trouble myself as a young lad, I could related to this boy's spirit :)

I will never approach an ice cube freezer again now without expecting some 10 year old kid to jump out!

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veronica said...


see... i like kids to be kids.

we go to this coffee shop (my middle kid and i) on some sundays to join my knitting group.

they have concrete stained floors on on the back patio. knowing ALL about stained concrete, b/c that's what my hubby does, i knew she could draw on it with chalk and it would come right off.

so she did that. and then wrote on the wood bench and the stairs. i thought "eh, she's having fun and it cleans right off". well, there was this guy who worked there and he deliberately cleaned it all up, right in front of her.... and he made it seem like he was annoyed.

i told her not to worry about it, that we would tell him "sorry" as we left the place... and we did so. he tells us, "oh, it's ok. she'll gonna be an artist some day, i can tell".

i couldn't resist-- my comment back was, "she already is, and you cleaned up her work".

he smiled, said sorry and walked away.

now... you know me cyen. we draw bob a lot and we paint with the cousins. we're pretty artsey. but when someone does that to a kid... makes them feel like they can't explore the "outside" then how does that make them feel?

i mean, it's not like she was really damaging anything, or anyone.

it really urked me. but she and i laughed about how WE didn't have to clean it this time. hee hee

kids are gonna be kids. no matter what.

i'd hate to take that away from them.