Monday, April 06, 2009

Movie: Duplicity

I'm naming my blog post of this as if it were a movie review (which I will include), but that's not the main point I want to address... more on that in a bit...

The movie Duplicity: It just didn't cut it for me. My biggest complaint was that it ended up being too complicated. It is another corporate espionage film with some twists and turns, that ends up twisting and turning so much that I didn't know which way was up. I'm really getting tired of films that jump around in time so many times. Sure there are benefits to flashbacks, but to have one after another, to try and explain a story is not conducive to good story-telling.
As I spoke with my friend afterward we both agreed that Julia Roberts looked a little (to use his word) bedraggled. In fact, there was one shot early on in the movie where Julia was backlit by the setting sun... in doing so, it highlighted a lot of neck hair! Really poor choice of lighting! I understand she's getting older, and all, but some of her wardrobe choices were also unflattering as well. If I were Julia, I'd be mad :)
I won't go into details here so as not to spoil anything, but the ending was also a huge let down, and made absolutely no sense at all to me.

BUT... here's the topic I wanted to post about...
During one scene, Clive Owen (who I thought did a good job), bumps into a woman at a bar and spills her drink. He apologizes, and offers to buy her a new one and asks what it was. The woman says it was an "appletini" (the new trend in martini's as I understand it is to have them flavored).
So Owen orders one for her, and one for himself. They chit-chat for a bit and the bartender brings the drinks out and say "That'll be $26".... I almost fell out of my movie seat! :)
Really?! Is that what drinks are going for now-a-days? $13 for one drink?!
The last time I went to a bar in the city, I was SHOCKED that a beer was $5, but $13?!
Again, maybe it's cause I'm older, maybe it's cause I'm cheap, maybe because I'm more concious of my spending do to these econimc times, but I can not fathom how they could charge $13 for one drink.
Ok, rant over. :)


babluebird said...

know what bugs me too, about the cost of drinks? a lot of menus don't even LIST the price! or, they'll list the price of a cocktail, but not list the various prices of the beers. next thing i know, the bill comes and we pay as much for 1 beer that i could've paid for a 6-pack! stop it!

cyen said...


You stop it! ;)

veronica said...

most bars here in austin have beer specials... so that's when we go to the bar... $2.50 for a lonestar, great music, out on the town with some friends... i'm sold.

but yeah, if you order a mixed drink you better be ready to pay for it.... the most i've seen charged here is $9.00, but $13.00 doesn't seem unreal. especially places like NY, NY or cali somewhere.

it sucks... hence the reason we don't go out too much anymore. well, that and the kids, but still it's expensive!

babluebird said...

no, YOU!