Friday, May 01, 2009

conspiracy kook

A quick post...
I have C-span on in the background this morning as I am surfing the web. They are accepting call-ins about the news today of justice retiring from the Supreme Court (which means Obama will get to pick one.) It is the usual stream of public calls, where every now and then you get someone who has an "alternative" idea... this guy just called in, and was saying something about how Bush stole the election in 2000 via the supreme court, or rather with their help. Then he mentioned a name of a person who was killed (I didn't catch the name)... the host of C-span (I think it's Peter Slen), had a smirk on his face like "here we go" - The host then asked a question something like "well, why haven't we ever heard of this guy before, wouldn't that be on the front page?" To which the man said that the media is controlled by the Gov. So the host said, "Sir, where do you get your information?"
The man said "The internet."
The host let loose a larger smirk, you could easily read his mind as saying 'here we go, an internet kook'.
Then the man clarified and said he listens to "Democracy Now" (Which USED to be on my cable TV, but has recently been canceled). Democracy Now is still available online.
Now here's the kicker that prompted this post...
The host then says "Democracy Now? We just interviewed Amy Goodman a little while ago, and you can watch that interview on our website."
Ha! So, this "kooky conspiracy" guy gets laughed at (well, smirked at) for gathering his news info online, to which your response is "you can get more of OUR news on the internet."

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