Thursday, November 07, 2002

Today's rant is about customer service. It just amazes me that in today's techological world, where we can have little devices that you can talk to almost anywhere ouside, and then have another person hear you in their little device from somewhere else in the word, that we still have problems with customer service. (By the way, I'm refering to cell phones above). I've had to deal with two customer service problems in the last week or two. One was with UPS, and another was with the Bank company in regards to my new truck. The UPS problem took me several hours on the phone, and I got a run-a-round like you wouldn't believe. I talked to tech. support, customer service, billing, and the help desk. Then after 2 days, they finally found the right person to call me back and explain the problem correctly and tell us how to fix it. The problem with my bank, I received a letter stating I didn't have proper insurance, or that they needed proof of insurance. The Insurance ID card was not acceptable to them (Why? It's acceptable to the police if I'm pulled over?). Ok, I need to fax them various sheets from my policy. I call back a day later to confirm, that everything was received and all is well. Yep. We're good. THEN about a week later, I get aonther letter in the mail, that says they need more information. So today I fax them more papers, and called to confirm. Yep, all's well they say. But now, I asked them for something in writting or to fax it to me, and guess what... "Oh, we don't do that". After a few more examples of why I don't want to take "Gina's" word for it, She puts me on hold. Then come's back and say's they will mail me something. Hmmmm Should I hold My breath for this letter to arrive? Such is my luck when dealing with customer service. At least everyone I dealt with was moderately polite. Which is rare now-a-days too.
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