Monday, December 01, 2008

Memory flash

This is a strange post - I realize that. I'm gonna post it anyway.

I just finished a nice 4 day holiday weekend. Sunday, I was a total slug... never changed out of sleeping clothes and never took a shower.
This morning, I started my usual routine which involves the shower. While I was just a tad 'ripe' it wasn't like I was that horrible. But for some reason, I was enjoying the clean feeling, and the warmth of the shower water, and my memory flashed back to some 15 or 20 years ago.
I was in a pretty serious moped accident. (long story, lets just say it involved brain surgery, and I was all put back together again). But one of the things about the accident... I was bed ridden for a long time. (I don't recall exactly how long). But one thing that flashed in my memory this morning with an uncanny sense of reality... how GOOD that first shower felt after I had recovered enough to stand, and risk getting my head wet. It was such an incredibly good feeling! It's hard to describe actually. But since it's only a few days after Thanksgiving, I'll just add this: I am thankful for showers.
I was also a bit stunned at how vivid the memory was. Odd.


JWD said...

Wow, sounds like a powerful memory. I'm glad you wrote about it.

But I have a bit of a rude awakening for you. It was a lot more than 15 or 20 years ago! (A bit of perspective, I was getting married 16 years ago!)

It was closer to 29 years ago!!!

cyen said...

29!? That can't be right! ;)

Anonymous said...

to be precise, it was 27 years ago, and you spent the entire summer months in the hospital, most in intensive care. you had a LOT of folk praying for you and we thank God for your healing! we stayed in touch for many years afterward with the hospital chaplain, and recently got to be with the minister who came to pray with you many times.

cyen said...

Who is this Anon person that knows so much about my life! (actually, I kid... I know who you are ;)
(ie: don't answer this post)