Friday, September 09, 2005

New Fema and New nano

Two things of note:
Apple just released a new ipod called the "nano". I find this interesting that instead of introducing this as a new product in the ever expanding lineup of ipods, they chose to discontinue the "mini-ipod". I guess it just wasn't selling? I thought it was a cool design. Anyway, so is the new nano ipod... Check it out here on apple: NANO

And in the news just now as I checked yahoo, they have fired the fairly new FEMA director, after what appears to be in response to a news article all over the TV and internet this morning about how Michael Brown had "discrepancies" on his online resume. Apparently TIME magazine did a background check on him based upon his claims on his resume, and found that not all if his job experience was on the up and up. (also on the Daily Show the other night John Stewart was ridiculing Mr. Browns background also.)
From all that I've heard, it sounds like a good call to get someone in there with better experience.

Have a Great weekend!

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