Sunday, September 18, 2005

not so evil apple

Well, after getting riled up by what I thought were some pretty devious itunes policies it turns out it is not quite as bad as I thought... It turns out much of this policy was not new, just that I had never run into it before. It also appears that the reason they charge you for the entire album for only wanting one song has to do with the length of the song. Apparently anything over 7 minutes. But, I am still confused by this. I can't understand why a song that would be over 7 minutes warrants a $10 price tag. It can't be a technical issue can it? After all you can download an entire CD (approx 40-60 minutes worth for the same $10 price. Oh well. I still think that the soundtrack issue is much more devious though. (see my previous post).

unrelated posting...
Eagles won today! By a landslide! As I am a new Eagles fan, I am happy about this.
Phillies are doing well also... Apparently there is still a good chance that they will make the playoffs. Thanks to my bro for helping me to understand the playoff process.

Just finished a strange book by Cory Doctorow... Someone comes to town someone leaves town.
I can't say that this was a good book, but I stuck with it and finished it. It was very creative, which is the only reason it kept my interest. It also has a geek element to it, which I enjoyed. It was almost like 2 books combined into one. I'm glad I finished it and have moved on to a new one I bought called "The traveler". This is much more up my alley, though it too has a strange factor that is a little difficult to get beyond.

Music: Purchased the new album by NickleCreek about 2 weeks ago. And I'm looking forward to the new album by Depeche Mode! An 80's synth band that for some reason I never out grew and enjoy their music to this day.

News> not really following any stories at the moment. I watched some of the Roberts confirmation hearings, but it was pretty much just an excuse for the senators to spout off their beliefs. It was very scripted for a TV audience. Of course the Katrina coverage is still going strong, and it sounds like the clean up/rebuilding process is just now starting. It will be interesting to see how it will be rebuilt. I have no doubt that it will be rebuilt.

End of the weekend. Try to enjoy your work week. Ugh.

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