Wednesday, October 19, 2005

apple came through...

well, I got an email response today. Turns out they are going to refund the purchase. (not sure if they mean they are going to refund the entire album purchase, or just the value of the 2 songs, but either way it's a good thing. I would like to consider this a done deal, and I wish I could go back to using itunes without a care, knowing that in the end they will stand do the right thing, but it does not account for the several emails I've had to write, the 40 minutes on hold, and the frustration of trying to talk to a live human to straighten this out. I will use itunes now knowing that the store is not perfect. and that if ever I choose to buy an entire album, that I will seriously consider just going to the store to buy it. Sorry apple.
You know, on one hand I understand that itunes sells millions of songs (a day or a week) and that they perhaps can not afford to staff a live tech support - but I also have to question that with all of the sales of ipods, songs, and now videos, that all these millions of dollars can't be put back into creating a friendly customer service experience. Ok, fine, perhaps the first line of customer service should be via email, as I'm sure some/most issues can be resolved this way, but still an option should be available for speaking to a human. Oh well, I guess this would cut into their profits.

onto other topics...
It's a beautiful fall day today. I might be getting out of work early today, and if so, I will try to go to the park to enjoy this nice weather!

books> Still enjoying the book "the traveller" though I've hit that stage where I'm realizing that I'm approaching the end of the book, and am not looking forward to finsihing. Oh well, at least I already have my next book ready and waiting for me... Harry Potter. And after tha, I want to go to the library (probably will have to renew my card - or find it) and read the book 1984 by George Orwell.

Music> Looking forward to the Depeche Mode new album.

Science> Found a cool link yesterday about a genetically modified vegetable in switzerland...

Religion> Trying to figure out what the meaning of "disciple" is.


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