Sunday, January 11, 2009

Apple update

I solved my apple monitor problem.
Wed night (I think) I stopped into the local apple store at the nearby mall.
I was surprised how big the store was, and I was surprised how many people were in the store too.
I first attempted to get a "ballpark" price for fixing the old 23" cinema display... I pretty much new the answer before I asked, but hey, it was worth a shot. The answer: I have no idea. The apple "genius" who was about 19 years old said that was not a normal repair he's used to doing. He then went on to try and tell me that if I had the serial number, it would help... translation: He had no idea but wanted to send me away to get the number. I failed to see how having the serial number would help him to 'ballpark' the amount, when I started to push him on this he clearly didn't want me asking any more questions.
So as I am looking around the store, I see one of the "discontinued" 23" monitors. Hmm, that's odd I thought. Usually when apple discontinues something they pull it from their shelves. I had to ask again... to the other 18 year old sales woman... by any chance do you have any of those in stock? She got onto here futuristic bluetooth wireless communicator, and asked someone in the back. A few minutes later, (after she forgot I was waiting for her), she said, "yes, we do, would you like one?"
I was thrilled! But I had to run the $900 purchase past my boss first. I asked her, "I'll have to come back... Can you tell me about how many you have in stock?"
Her response, "No. It's against apple policy to give out stock."
I tried humor, "Why is it like top secret?"
She was clearly not amused.

So next morning I headed up to the store as they opened in the hopes they didn't sell their last one the night before. I had to laugh...
I walk into the almost empty store, and other 18 year old saleswoman greets me and asks if she can help me. I tell her I'd like to purchase that 23" monitor. Great she says... she presses a button on her high tech communicator, and I'm expecting a person to come out from the back... but no... a different 17 year old salesman comes from the back of the store (only about 30' away!). Rather that wave, call out, or even tell me to see that kid in the blue shirt, she used her high tech device to transfer me over.

Lastly... the young kid said "Do you have any questions about the monitor?"
Me: Nope.
Him: Oh, ok. (I totally threw him off). I'll go get one from the back.
Me waiting 5 min.
Him: Ok, here we go...
Me: Um... that's the wrong one. I asked for the 23" not the new 24" LED model.
Him: Oh. (no apology).

While it all worked out, and only minor inconvenience, I have to say I was less than impressed with the attitudes at the apple store. It was a sense of "we're better than you".

I hope to purchase my new computer this week sometime. While I could go back to the local store, I think I'll just order it over their website. I'd rather deal with an impersonal computer, than an impersonal person.

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