Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Apple - you've made my S-list

Just a quick rant before I head to bed tonight...
I am lucky to be in the market for a new Macintosh (apple) computer for work. (While I feel lucky to get a new computer I'm also aware of the dread of finding all new bugs and glitches of new operating systems, upgraded programs, etc... it's a love/hate relationship).
So anyway,
I waited until today to make any decisions on which machine to buy due to Apple's usual big announcement at the MacWorld Expo (this week). Only one big announcement really, a new 17" macbook pro - which while exciting, does not effect me since I am going to get a desktop model (Mac pro).
So I start looking at the possible configurations of the new machine and see under the monitors that I only have two choices... a 20" and a 30". Wait... what about the NEW 24" LED monitor that they just came out with a month or so ago?
Long story short...
After a LONG time reading message boards, and reading tech specs, I learned (much to my surprise) that the new 24" monitor ONLY works with the NEW macbook laptops! And by new I mean new as in within the last 3 months! If you bought a macbook 4 months ago chances are it's not compatible.
I can not fathom why apple chose to do this.
You can't (at the time of this writing) even buy an adapter for this new monitor.
So now... I'm in a real quandry about what to do.
I either have to downgrade my current monitor (24" cinema display that just blew out on Monday) to a 20" OR consider buying a third party 24" monitor like a DELL - which I REALLY DON'T want to do.
I'm really angry at Apple right now.
I mentioned earlier to those who would listen to me...
Apple used to be known for simplicity in their machines and products of just "plug-n-play" - I think apple is putting too much time and effort into the latest iphone or ipod, and have forgotten how to make a good computer!
At this point I think I'll be getting the 20" monitor and then use an old 15" CRT monitor as my secondary monitor. Just burns me up.


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