Monday, May 13, 2002

Monday blahs...
Saw Spiderman this weekend. (atually it was the second time I saw it, because I saw it with a friend on thursday night on an IMAX Big Screen!). It was a fairly good movie considering the topic... a comic book. Sure there were cheesy moments, the acting was so-so (the sad moments were almost funny). The effects were "ok" there was an obvious disreagrd of "physics" but while watching the show I didn't mind that as much. I was caught up in the fun of it. One of the lamest effects was where spidey climbs up a verticle wall. It was almost the same as watching Batman and Robin do the same thing from the 1960's TV show. I would have thought with the millions of dollars dumped into the technology of effects, they still use a camera tilted sideways. During the second viewing i was able to catch the cameo appearnce of "Stan Lee" the original creator of Spidey.
I also was looking forward to the second to last episode of the X-files. the writing of that show has really gone down hill. I still believe the actors are talented, and if given the right material could save the X-files, but I guess that's not gonna happen. The eason finale is on this coming Sunday, and is supposed to be a 2 hour special with the return of david ducuvney (fox mulder). I hope! they can make their last show good.
Also this past sunday night, was the season finale of "Alias". I've caught up to the tapes to the 20th episode so I only have 21, and 22, to watch. It's one of those bitter sweet things... It will be a long wait until next season.

And finally... I'm thinking of starting an anti-popcorn/soda campaine. I was kicking myself at being so stupid for buying a small (20 oz maybe) soda, and a medium popcorn for $7:50!!! I will be either smuggling drinks in, or boycotting altogether. AND!!! to make it even worse, they theatre is showing about 10-15 minutes of commercials Before the Previews! I mean, they are getting extra income from that now too, and yet they are still gouging the snack prices, and still provide a dirty theatre. Come on!

ok, my rants over
Cyen out

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