Wednesday, May 29, 2002

Went to the movies this past saturday night. Saw Insomnia. Al pacino, Hilary Swank, and Robin williams. It was good. I was mainly interested to see how Robin williams did in playing the role of a killer. Yes... Robin "Mork" williams playing the role of a killer. But I give him credit, he did a good job. It was an interesting story, with some good twists. I came from one of the writers/director of Memento so it's bound to have some good twists. I wasn't too impressed with Hilary Swank. I know she won some prestigious awards in her last few movies, but this one was nothing special on her part. Perhaps because she wasn't in the entire movie that much.
Another plus to the movie was the cinematography from the footage shot in Alaska! It looks like an incredible place.
Over all a full bag of popcorn rating.

currently reading: "Aint it Cool?" a biography about Harry knowles a self-created movie reviewer who has created a massive following, and has become a "name" in hollywood. His website: Aint It Cool
Also just picked up a book on the "National Security Agency" called "Body of Secrets".
In my CD player is:
- and attraction to all things uncertain. and rotating in is also "Allison Krause"

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