Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Sat Night we went to the movie "The Salton Sea" with Val Kilmer (sp?). It was a pretty good movie. It drug at certain points, but right about the time when you realized that it was dragging, something then happened, that brought you back. So it wasn't so bad. It was also one of those types of movies that tried to show the underbelly "drug culture". I usually don't like the drug sequences because the director tries various camera tricks to try and simulate what the drug is doing, for example blurry, or fast forward action, etc... That always sort of annoys me but I understand it. So those few minor points aside, it was a good story and good acting. You have to stick with the movie to appreciate it.
But! the movie had just started when 3 guys came in late and sat down in the row in front of me. About half way through the movie, I realized the guy in front of me was constantly leaning over to his buddy and whispering, then would chuckle. I give him credit for at least having the decency of whispering. But after about an hour of the constant whispering, giggles, and head bobbing back and forth I was loosing my temper. But at this point the movie was almost over, and not worth saying anything to him. So after the movie I had to say something... I asked him "why did you talk throughout the entire movie?" - I thought here's my chance, to get a first hand response from someone who talks, as to what goes through their mind while talking... and guess what his answer was........ "I don't know". I couldn't believe it! I was hoping to be enlightened with wisdom of the idiots, and that's what it came down to... "I don't know". I guess it just fit's in with the idiot theory, He was stupid to the point of not even knowing why he was talking when he wasn't supposed to.
So it ended up with an awkward moment, because how do I answer that? I asked if he watched the movie (yes), I asked if he liked the movie (yes, did you?) I don't think he even grasped that I was annoyed with him, and thought maybe I was making small talk after the movie. So I ended it on a threat... I said, "If you ever sit in front of me again..." and shook my head and turned away. (thinking in my mind "I'll move to another seat", or "I'll get the manager" :) I felt like the Ritz is the last theatre around to present a pleasureable movie experience. And I will not let these idiots ruin it for me.
I still wish I knew why.

angry cyen out

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