Thursday, May 16, 2002

Well, I was one of the first to see Star Wars 2 - Attack of the clones. I went last "night" for the 12:01 showing. It was a bit of a screw-up on the theatre's part though. I could not believe it... Here is one of the all time greatest movies in our lifetime, and the theatre was totally unprepared for it. First off, it was supposed to start at 12:01. But they didn't start seating until 11:50! 10 minutes before the scheduled showtime!? AND... as we walked into the theatre, the credits from the previous movie were still rolling!? I mean, didn't they know they were showing starwars? So needless to say, we had to wait almost a half an hour for them to start the show. (which included 10+ minutes of commercials, and about 10 previews!) So the movie didn't start until around 12:40!
I won't go into details on the review yet, other to say the acting stunk, along with the script. The visuals were incredible though.
I'm still glad I saw it though all in all, and now look forward to the final episode.

Cyen out

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