Monday, July 01, 2002

ok, I'm finally getting back to this blog. I had stopped blogging as I thought no-one was reading it, but it appears I have one fan (you know who you are ;)
Saturday after workin all day, (thankfully the computer crash had been resolved). We went to the new movie called "Mr. Deeds" With Adam Sandler. A "Supposed" Comedy. WOW! It was incredible how BAD this movie was! We walked out after about an hour or so. There were maybe 2-3 funny parts with one of my favorite actors "John Turturro" But certainly not enough to save the movie. It just amazes me how bad it was, and that these big name "comedians" will sign on and do a movie like this. The commercials or product placement was absolutely blatant, and in your face. For example, on a helicopter ride back to NYC, they decide to stop at a "wendy's" to have cheeseburgers, and a frosty!
So we walked out. this is only the second movie that we both mutually agreed to walk out on. So that tell's you how bad it was.
Well, Besides putting up with the heat, that's about it. getting ready to enjoy a day off to celebrate the 4th of july.

in my CD: Depeche mode.
book: Redwall

Cyen out

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