Monday, July 15, 2002

ok movie review time!

Men in Black 2>

Although the "critics" didn't really like this movie, I did. I thought it was just a fun movie, with some good jokes, and neat monsters/aliens to look at. I also went in to this show knowing the critics didn't like it, so maybe I had low expectations, and therefore was pleaseantly suprised. It's just a movie where you can leave your brain on the seat next to you, and look at the pictures.

13 conversations about one thing>
I liked this movie overall, but at points felt it was somewhat depressing. I have a hard time liking movies that depress me. One one hand I appreciate them for a good movie, and one that can alter my mood, on the other hand I don't like being depressed. So that said, this was a "good" movie. It had John Turturro in it who played a physics professor, and Alan Arkin who was some sort of Insurance salesman. These two characters were who carried the show. Matthew McConaughey was good, but I was more interested in Alan Arkin's storyline. This is a movie where you need your brain, and will question your definition of "happiness" in life.

The Dangerous lives of alter boys>

I was really let down by this movie. I think this could have been much better, but it really lacked something, and I'm gonna say "a good story"... The acting by the younger teens was well done, and the incorporation of the animation in with the live action was a great idea, but it was poorly done. It was done by "Todd McFarlane" who is know for creating one of the best selling comic books of this time, and it was just poor. Lacking in detail that McFarlane is known for. The storyline was just slow too, too many dis-jointed sub-plots going at the same time, and the "fantasy" lives of the boy's were not presented well. In addition two well know actors "Jodie foster" and "vincent Donofrio" were good but not in the movie enough to make you like or dislike their characters. Some of the scenes were tough to take too, in regards to the boy's fantasy life of the "Evil nuns" very blasphmous. If it was presented a little better, I think they could have gotten away with it more, but it just left a sour taste.

And Finally...

The Road to Perdition>

I thought this was a good movie, but something was lacking...
Tom Hanks was excellent as usual. Jude Law (who I'm not a big fan of), was very good too. I wish the story focused more on his part too. and the Boy was good too. Paul Newman was not in it too much, but when he was, he was good as well.
I think the two things that influenced me was the predictability of the story line. and the "russian" women behind me who were talking and whispering through-out the entire movie (up until I turned around and asked them to stop talking!). These people REALLY annoy me, and tend to ruin my experience at the movies.As much as I try to ignore them I find myself thinking about them constantly telling myself to ignore them. Until finally I figure it's worth any sort of repercussions to turn around and confront them. Which unfortunately is usually towards the end of the movie.
so OTHER than those idiots, it was an overall good movie, just predictable. The cinematography was really well shot too. the feel for the 1930's and the surrounding countryside was well done.

ok, that should catch the "blog" up-to-date.

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