Tuesday, July 09, 2002

I've a few more movie reviews, but first a spot on what I saw on C-Span last night... Yes, some people actually watch those "boring" senate hearings on C-span. :)
I watched the other night the "hearing" on the Enron fiasco. I admit, I'm not up on all the latest news regarding Enron. All I know is they were a large company, they lied, and the business went under, leaving ALOT of employees without any benefits. I've heard some of the horror stories on the employees, and it really is ashame. The head guy from Enron was on the hot seat last night, along with another big wig. It was almost comical, as it was like a bad TV movie. The congress people would ask them a question and they'd read off a little slip of paper, "under advice of council, I will plead the 5th admendment" or something to that effect. It was amazing. I don't know which was worse, that they would read this each time, or that the senators continued to ask them questions knowing they'd get the same response. I did like the one question though.... "How do you sleep at night" Which he plead the 5th on ;)
The other two people were a high ranking investor advisor, and one of the accountants. They were answering questions, but it was very interestig to see how they dance around the questions. Senator Maxine Waters (walters?) was tough! she grilled em pretty good with her questions. It was a sad thing to watch in a sense to see how our business system could have such a failing, and that this guy along with others, are gonna walk away with MILLIONS of dollars in their pockets, while other employees are in sad shape with no retirement benefits at all now.

I'll get to the movie reviews later.... Men in Black 2, 13 conversations about one things, and The Dangerous lives of alter boys.

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