Tuesday, November 15, 2005

43 Things...

I found a neat website the other day. 43 things. (actually, I had bookmarked it some time ago as something to check out, but it quickly got lost in the shuffle... I have a lot of links like this). I'm not a big "list" person (a phobia I developed thanks to my mother writing a chore list for me when I was a kid). But I like this idea of keeping a big, broad "someday" list of things I'd like to accomplish. As one example... to build my own log cabin in the woods... Something I'll probably NEVER do, but who knows, maybe someday. And, it's kinda neat to see what other people are aspiring to do.

Items on my mind lately...
I would like to pay off my vehicle loan early (a few months).
I would like to buy a new TV.
I would like to buy a new mattress and pillow.
I would like to buy a new video game (starwars battelfront 2)
I would like to STOP thinking about buying things!
I would like to make something small with my hands.

Enjoy your day

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