Friday, November 18, 2005


Well, as much as i dislike going to the doctors, I finally went today because of a cough I just can't seem to get rid of. From my previous post where I mentioned I was sick about 4 weeks ago, this cough has hung on. So, off to the doctors today. It was the first time I used my Health Insurance program - as a friend reminded me... you're paying for it, you might as well use it! It was a smooth visit, except for one thing... They trashed - er um, I mean they put my previous records in "storage" since I had not been there in about 2 years. I've been going to this doctor for about 20 years, and he walked in and asked "is this the first time here?" I guess since I didn't have a chart. I explained the chart, and he just said "oh". I had thought there may have been some recognition since he treated me for so many years, and each of our families sort of knows one another. Oh well, I didn't go into it all. I just wanted the prescription for the antibiotics and then I was outta there. I always fear I'm going to pick up even worse germs than what I have when I go to the docs (which knock on wood is RARE).
All of this longwinded post just to say that I used my health insruance for the first time... and it felt kinda good.
Now... I just need to get rid of this cough and then everything will be well again!


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