Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving a success

Well, Thanksgiving is just about over now as I head to bed. It was a good one... I cooked a 7lb Turkey Breast (way too much for just me! Tons of leftovers), Mashed Potatoes, Corn (Shupeg whatever that means - and yes I spelled it wrong probably), Gravy (powderd mix), Stove Top Stuffing, and I even made my own cranberry sauce with a few modifications (I cut back on some of the sugar, and added a little apple cider, and a very small amount of fresh ginger (didn't taste it really). I had one small injury trying to open a spice container, bent my thumbnail back trying to pry the lid off, it somehow drew blood!? Which now it hurts like a paper cut - I'll live. Turkey cooked up well, but I was still concerned with undercooking it... I used a thermometer, looked up the temperature on the internet and found a range of 161-180, and the thermometer said 190 for poultry. I took an average and went to 175. But... When I cut into it, there was a pinkness around the outside of the turkey of all places. Just under the skin really. I ate it anyway, as I cooked it for almost 2.5 hours! for only a 7lb breast - it had to be cooked. I think next year, I'm going to try something different and either slice it off the bones and stir-fry it, or maybe cut it into pieces and cook it in a baking dish (I did that one year and cooked it on top of my own homemade stuffing, and that really turned out good!
I watched a lot of TV today too... a lot of flipping of channels, but I watched mostly Nickelodeon's "Avatar - the last airbender". I really like the animation/art for this cartoon. Today's marathon also brought me up to speed on the story, as I never really watched a full episode. But it is a good show. I'm going to have to watch this more often.
I've started to get back into drawing a little, and plan on starting my own "parts factory" I started by drawing eyes today (in the computer - adobe illustrator). I plan on drawing my own pieces so that I can create some characters that use similar parts (eyes, noses, mouth, etc...) I've decided I need to persue a creative outlet with my art/doodles more.
And finally, ended up playing a new videogame - Starwars Battlefront 2 for the PS2. So far it's a pretty good game.
Well, heading to bed now with a full belly, and thankful for all that I have in my life... Family, friends, work, and all the opportunities I've had to make this a thankful day. AND I took tomorrow off too, so it's going to be a nice long weekend.


PS> On an unrelated note... I'm reading buzz on the internet how the brand new xbox 360 is having overheating issues. Only 2 days after the big release and the trouble is brewing already for Micro$oft. I had a very small urge to get an xbox, not now, I'll probably just wait until the new PS3 comes out.

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