Monday, November 26, 2007

Comcast does it again...

So for the past few days (5-6) I've had another channel go out on my Comcast cable subscription. This has happened to me in the past and usually in about a week or so, the channel magically turns itself back on. So this time, rather than call and complain and set up an appointment to have a tech come out, I figured I'd just wait about a week and see what happens. So tonight, it's still not on - grr. I bite the bullet and decide to call customer service tonight to see what's going on. Well, much to my surprise, the woman informs me that my area has been effected by another channel change, and that the "Turner Classic Movies" is no longer available to me. Excuse me? Yep, not too long ago, when I lost the C-Span 2 channel, and the Game Show Network (didn't care about the game show network), apparently this is something I should be getting used to. The Customer service woman informed me that Comcast has decided to "slowly" migrate channels over to the digital only network. Isn't that nice. So I can continue to pay the same rate that I have been but over the next year or so I can expect to lose more and more channels until the mandatory 2009 switch.
First of all, the way I had understood it before I didn't think I'd have a problem with this whole analog vs digital problem. I thought that only effected people with the antenna's. But from what they told me on the phone tonight that's not true.
So at this point I've about had it with Comcast. I decided to play my last hand... I told her that my apartment complex is currently installing the FIOS network and that once it's ready, I'll be dropping Comcast. I said is there anything else you are willing to do for me to keep me as a customer... She said she can transfer me to someone else. So I waited on hold another 10 minutes, and spoke with a nice woman. She apologized several times at the fact that I was losing yet another channel. She tried to turn it around on me and say that Comcast is trying to give me a good service - ha! So I mentioned FIOS... After some shuffling of papers she said, yes there is a "promotion" she can offer me, then asked what I wanted. I told her I wanted my old channels back, she laughed and said she can upgrade me to the digital package plus one free year of HBO for approx $44. I currently pay $53. But I said, "is this a limited time thing?" She said yes, only for one year.
So at this point I'm just so disgusted with Comcast I don't even want their promotion. I said I'd think about it and hung up. Again, I give her credit for her patience with me and continuing to remain calm and cordial with me.
So, now I'm not sure what to do. I may try and call back and try to get the promotion for one year (knowing my luck I'll get a customer service person who won't offer it to me). I mean that's the smart thing to do (more channels + cheaper monthly cost), but it just annoys me that I'll have to get another box, and another remote. It would be nice to get C-span 2 back though...
Oh well, I'll think on it for a few days.


valejandras said...

hi!! haven't posted in a while... but i finally did today. yay!

as for your post:

you know... sometimes it's just not worth arguing over. a year of free HBO though is pretty good.

good luck!!

cyen said...

Hi V! Missed ya! :)

I know... At this point I'm kinda kicking myself for just not accepting the offer at the moment, because now I have to call them back and ask them again for the "discount". I feel like I lost my leverage, but I guess it will still be their problem in the end because they've pretty much lost this disgruntled customer. I might try to call them tonight, so I'll post a follow up - fingers crossed :)
Hope you all had a nice Turkey Day.
I've been checking your "preggy blog" but all that "girly stuff" makes me a little queasy ;)